The Flash Season 3 Episode 8:
So the Invasion begins, with that a crossover follows.

The episode starts off with the Flash and the Green Arrow taking cover behind a Star Labs sign where Olivet says to Barry "You really did it this time." Then we see that the two heroes are being hunted down by other heroes, Speedy, Spartan, Heatwave, Firestorm, White Canary, the Atom, and Supergirl.
Then we cut to 10 hours earlier where we see team Flash testing Wally's powers and then team Flash calls on Barry to investigate a meteor that just crashed in downtown Central City.Barry suits up and investigates only to find an alien ship and Dominators rush out.Barry goes back to Star Labs and informs the rest of his team.In the morning the government is at the alien ship site where Barry (as the Flash) talks to Lyla and she goes to Star Labs with him where she tells team Flash about the aliens that call themselves the Dominators.She said that the Dominators tried to invade Earth in the 50's and took soldiers, hostage.She tells team Flash that they can't stop the Dominators alone.Barry then runs to Star City, saves the Oliver and Diggle from being killed by the vigilante and then he tells them that there are aliens and Thea said that she wants to join in on the battle and the Felicity thinks that Barry has gone crazy, Barry then asks Oliver if her knew where all of the legendary friends went and he said that he knows where they were last.
Team Flash and Team Arrow have assembled at an old Star Labs facility which looks like the hall fo justice.Felicity said that she sent out a message for the legends to pick up, Barry then goes with Cisco to Earth 38 to pick up Supergirl where we see the scene from the end of Supergirl last night.
Barry, Cisco, and Kara come back to the facility where they find everyone assembled and Sarah says that the newbies, Maia and Nate are watching the Waverider.Everyone sees Supergirl's powers and then we see all the Legends meet up with the heroes in the present day, Cisco and Ray talk about how the Atom suit might need an upgrade then Ray breaks the news to Barry that Leonard Snart sacrificed himself.Wally then shows up and Iris shoos him away and says that what they are dealing with is too dangerous and that everyone else is experienced and trained.So Wally goes back to Star Labs and asks HR to train him but he declines.
Martin and Jefferson confront Barry about the future recording from Barry in 2056 where they listen to it with Oliver.The recording said not to trust anyone when the legends get back to present day.Barry then tells the three that he messed with the timeline.
Martin then has his telepathy vision of a girl where Caitlin takes Martin to his house only to find that Martin has a daughter and she is glad to see him return, he then quickly tells her to say hi to her mother and she has a confused expression, which I will get to in a bit.
Everyone then goes back to the facility base and Cisco finds the future barry Aleen recording where he makes Barry reveal to everyone that he screwed everyone over and then everyone just hates on Barry, Sarah tells him that as much as she wants to kill Daneim Dhark in the past she doesn't because it will change everyone, and Diggle is upset because he had a daughter who got erased from existence.
Meanwhile, Lyla is talking to the president about the Dominators and she says that they need to do something about problem, but then a Dominator ship flies by shots up the cars the president was in a take the president
Felicity then gets an incoming report that the president  is missing then everyone suits up and tells Barry to stay behind, Oliver who forgives Barry stays with him, however, Supergirl goes and she says that she is there to support the other heroes and she is not upset at Barry.
So Speedy, Spartan, Heatwave, Firestorm, White Canary, the Atom, and Supergirl go to where they pinned pointed the president to and then they see the president, but he gets disintegrated and the Dominators fire up this device crystal and all the heroes near the crystal get brainwashed.
Back with Barry, he is at Star Labs where he is looking at the future newspaper in the brail room where Oliver tells Barry that he shouldn't feel bad about what he did, he said tragedies happen that can't by avoided and that if he could change time he would save his parents from the Gambit and Wilson.Then they look at the future newspaper and the reporter isn't Iris but someone else.
Barry and Oliver then see a camera feed from outside where they see the other heroes wrecking the place.Barry and Oliver suit up and fight with the heroes.Oliver takes his team and barry uses some lighting bolt tricks to take down Ray and Firestorm.Wally is looking at what is going and then uses his super speed and runs outside and saves Oliver from Sarah, Thea, and Diggle.Supergirl then slams Wally onto the ground where he gets injured and Oliver carries him through a secret tunnel inside.Barry then races Kara to where the Dominators mind controlling crystal was and Barry stands in front of it and phases and then Kara flies through Barry and into the Crystal smashing it and releasing everyone from being mind controlled.Inside Star labs, Wally then gets treated and HR says that he will train Wally to use his powers.
Outside Star Labs, all the heroes are well and forgiving Barry but then Sarah has yellow shards appear around her and she vanishes same with Thea, Diggle, Ray, and Oliver!

My favorite scene in the episode was the seeing Wally use his powers, it was a great tease to see what is going to come up with the Flash,I also really enjoyed everyone meeting up with one another like Barry hearing the news on Captain Cold and Supergirl interacting with Heatwave.I also really liked everyone beeing angry at Barry for creating Flashpoint, but I did like the reasons as to why Oliver stuck with Barry as if he had the opportunity to save his parents he would.

The stand out character for me this episode was Victor Garber as Martin Stein, I was waiting for the reveal and it paid off.It is great to see that something good came out of Flashpoint which was Martin having a daughter.But when he told his daughter to say hi to her mother, she looked confused, it may possibly be that Martin's wife died.Which would be a horrific dilemma.Save his wife and sacrifice his daughter that he knows truly didn't exist.

Overall Invasion is a great episode with amazing action and the best character interactions, that is why I juts love the crossovers.I will give Invasion a 9 out of 10.I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow on Arrow.Leave your thoughts on the episode down in the comments below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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