Season 3 Episode 5:
So on tonight's episode of the flash Caitlin goes to visit her mother at work to try to stabilize or do anything about her Killer frost powers.We learn that Caitlin's father died and that her mother wasn't around for Caitlin as she was too busy at her job.It also seems like her mother kind of left Caitlin alone and doesn't really contact her.
A new mysterious monster comes up around Central City which Bary,Cisco, and HR are trying to stop.Meanwhile, barry also is helping Julian try to find out about the monster and trying to build their friendship.In the episode we see Caitlin use her powers by nearly taking off someone's arm, and her mom tells her to stop using her powers.Cisco and barry find out the HR is not a scientist but a novelist and on Earth 19 he is the face of Star labs.
The situation with the monster ends with Barry being a Jedi and using the rope to trip up the monster (like spiderman), but plot twist is a hologram.So, Julian, has the man behind the hologram  held up with a gun and her shoots bu Barry comes in and stops him, and it turns out the man is a 15-year-old boy.
The episode concludes with Julian and Barry going for a drink.but the post credit scene is Caitlin go crazy on a computer with her powers!

My favorite scene in the episode was of Caitlin visiting her mom.It was cool to see what her mother was like and where she is now, as you may not remember, but last season Caitlin said that her mom was very mean to her.I just love how at the end Caitlin was doing the thing her mother told her not to do which was use her is just showing how crazy she is going.And episode 6 or 7 is title Killer Frost and is directed by Kevin Smith, so it should hopefully he an awesome episode.
The stand out character on the episode this week for me was Caitlin.I just can't wait to see her go all super crazy and how team flash will react.Danielle Panabaker does such a great job with the character, and she has been such a loveable character in the first 2 season to see her turn against the team will make for some really great drama.
Overall the monster was a great episode which is help setting up what will be some awesome storylines.The title monster actually made me feel as tough Caitlin is becoming a monster rather than what was happening in Central City.I will give the monster an 8.5 out of 10.I would like to hear your thoughts on the episode down in the comments below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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