Season 3 Episode 6:
So the Flash this week was so intense, so let's recap and be careful of spoilers, so let's go...

The episode starts of with Wally as kid Flash running around and it turns out I didn't miss an episode but it was a dream that Wally was having, and he tells Jo who tells Barry who freaks out and tells everyone that Wally was a speedster in flashpoint and that Wally is Dr. Alchemy's next target.A new meta-human shows up call shade who is basically a shadow, kills a guy and Julian and Barry go investigate.
Meanwhile, at Star labs, HR comes up with the idea to turn Star Labs into a museum so people won't suspect that the Flash is based there, while HR and Cisco are debating, Caitlin  steals some meta-human handcuffs which will disable her power, Cisco notices and Caitlin tells him that she has Killer Frost powers and she asks him to Vibe her future and he does and finds that she is full blown Killer Frost and she is Fighting him as Vibe, but Cisco being a nice friend lies and says that she isn't evil.
Later on, when the whole team is at Star Labs they are wondering what to do with Wally, Jo is planned to go on a movie in the park date with his police friend and Cisco, Caitlin and Hr tag along.but luckily HR has a facial disguise mask that can mask him as anyone, he makes himself as his co-worker on Earth-19 and he flashed the whole team with this pen so they could see the face of HR, and the team decides to lock Wally up in a meta-human cell.At the movie at the park, Shade shows up and Cisco calls Barry and he has a fight with him.Meanwhile, Wally his having a seizure in his cell and Iris goes to let him out to help him but Wally tries to escape but iris knocks him out.
back with Barry, Caitlin helps him out by giving him the meta-human handcuffs and Barry stops Shade and brings him to justice.At Star Labs Cisco just blurts out that Caitlin is Killer Frost and she reveals but then she walks off and Barry talks to her where he takes all the blame for her powers and what is happening to Wally.
Meanwhile back at Star Labs, the team decides that they should use Wally as bait to draw out Alchemy, So Barry, Joe, and some police officers go into the underground subway.They find Alchemy and some of his followers and they manage to take him down.But then there is a quake and Barry sees some blue lighting that no on else see and he chases it throughout Alchemy's lair until the figure strangles Barry and he tells him "I am Savitar, the god of speed!"
 He lets go of Barry and he drops to the ground where Wally picks up Alchemy's stone and a cacoon evolves around him.

So this is just so insane, seeing Savitar was by far the best part of the episode for me, the god of speed getting back at Barry for F*ucking up the timeline too much.But Savitar looks insanely different than what he looked like in the comics.He looks a lot like a transformer, but they could have done something in the mix of human and robot.But not having to go full blown robot.Although he may be different in real life, remember shade in the episode where he could manifest into a big shadow.

The stand out character for me in this week's episode was Wally.I liked how he desperately wanted powers and just wanted to save people but at what price would he go to get the powers.I hope we see him in the next few episodes with full blown superspeed.Keiynan Lonsdale is so great as Wally West and I cant wait to see the team dynamic change when Wally becomes kid Flash.

Overall Shade was a great episode and we saw at the begging what Wally might be like with his powers.I am excited to see more of Savitar throughout the season, and he might hopefully change from his weird robotic form.I will give Shade an 8 out 10.Let me know your thoughts on the episode down in the comments.Next weeks episode is title Killer Frost which is going to be really cool.And then the crossover the week after which there is new footage from which I will post tomorrow along with a breakdown.As always, thanks for reading, take care

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