The Flash Season 3 Episode 7;
The Flash tonight was a great episode which finally gave us Killer Frost and Waly West getting his powers, so spoilers ahead and lets recap...

The episode starts off straight from last week with Flash being held up by the neck by Savitar in Alchemy's lair, Savitar then grabs barry and runs all over the city, then they end up next to the waterfront.Team Flash sees this and Cisco goes vibe and opens up a portal to the waterfront.Caitlin then unleashes her powers and freezes Savitar, but Savitar manages to run away.
Back at Star Labs, everyone is worried about Wally, so Joe goes to the police station to interrogate one of Alchemy's followers.Caitlin then meets him at the police station and tells Joe to go to Star Labs as Wally awakes, he does but everyone says that Wally is still in the cocoon.
Back with Caitlin she goes Killer Frost on Alchemy's follower to try to find him to see if he can reverse Caitlin's powers.She nearly gets caught but takes Julian hostage.Barry then learns of this and tells the rest of the team.Julian is told by Killer Forst to create and algorithm to find who is going to see Alchemy next.He manages to contact the police but then Barry shows up as the Flash and rescues Caitlin but she stabs him with an ice dagger with his leg, she then confronts Barry of changing everyone's life for the worse and she tells him that he killed Dante.
Team Flash then finds the locations of the people who searched for Alchemy, HR, and Joe goes to the other location.Cisco finds Caitlin at the house and they have a duel, which looks like the vision Cisco had in the last episode except that they weren't wearing their costumes.The Flash comes in and he slips and Cisco knocks down Killer Frost, Caitlin then lies next to Barry and kisses him which ices him up, like in the comics.Team flash manages to capture Killer Forst in a metahuman cell.
Barry and Cisco then has a talk how Barry messed up the timeline and that Dante was alive, Cisco then says that he can't forgive barry, yet, but they come to an agreement to save Caitlin.Joe is paranoid about Wally being in the cocoon so he saws the cocoon and Wally comes out but he is vibrating and he runs away, team Flash decide that they need to try to stabilize Wally and they need Caitlin to do that.
Barry then lets Killer Forst from her cell and he says that she can leave but she has to kill Barry first.Killer Forst creates her ice dagger and is trying to come to herself to kill Barry but then she doesn't, the pupils in her eyes go from blue back to brown and Caitlin is back,
Team Flash then comes up with an antidote to speed up Wally's neurons to his speed.Joe and barry find Wally and gives him this antidote and Wally is back, but with super speed.Back at Star Labs, they test Wally's speed and he is fast.Everyone is back together and with powers.barry then goes to see Jillian in the hospital and comes to bargain with him, the bargain is that Jillian doesn't identify Caitlin as Killer Frost, but Barry has to quit his job at the police department.
The final scene in the episode is Jillian hearing Savitar's voice and he leaves the hospital and sees Savitar.Savitar tells him to be Alchemy once again and then we see Jillian in his police office and he pulls out the Dr. Alcehmy mask.

My favorite scene in the episode was the mid fight scene with Killer Frost going up against Vibe and the Flash.The fight against Killer Forst and Vibe mirrored Vibe's vision of them in their costumes going full powers at each other.I also did like the frost kiss Killer Forst gave Barry, straight from the comics and it was so cool to see.I also did enjoy the scene where we see Wally getting tested and also discovering that Jilian is deffintly Dr. Alcehmy, I kind of expected that anyway.

The stand out charcter from the episode was by far Caitlin Snow/ Killer Frost.It was great to see her go full blown killer Forst, the charcetr was so complex, it was almost like Kilelr Forst was a completely differnt alter ego for Caitlin, like a differnt person.Danielle Panabaker is such a great actress who played killer Forst in the episode shown that she can potray acitlin going carzy.

Overall, Kilelr Frost is a great episode revealling to us that Jillian is Dr. Alcehmy.We also got to see Danielle Panabaker play Kiler Forst so well and Wally got his powers.I will give tongihts episode a 9 out 10.I would like to hear your thoughts on the episode down in the comments below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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