Season 4 Episode 8

So the mid-season finale is here for Agents of SHIELD and it is jammed packed with a bunch of stuff so first let's do a recap.

The episode is basically about Ghost Rider, Yoyo, and Daisy going up against Eli who has created a box which has plutonium in it and it is starting to cause quakes all over Los Angeles.Yoyo goes in but gets kicked out by a fireball, then Robbie goes in and he confronts his uncle who stabs him with a piece of carbon in the shoulder.
Everyone is about to go in but May has to go pick up Ava.
Everyone gets to the facility where Coulson, Mack, May, Jeffery, and Yoyo go to stop Eli and his thugs, in the basement of the facility, Daisy, Fitz, Simmons, Holden, and Ava are trying to stop the plutonium box.Ava uses her holographic hands and the box and it gets disabled.Daisy then uses her powers to try to stop the quakes, she then does and uses her powers to super jump and she lands outside the facility where all the mayhem was going on, there are also a lot of news reporters there, but then Jeffery comes in and tells all the reporters that SHIELD was working with Daisy who was undercover as a fugitive. Robbie then turns into the Ghostrider and then burns Eli and takes him to hell.
Then we see Coulson and Daisy on the bus talking about Robbie's car and they are going to give it to Gabe, Coulson then tells Daisy that he wanted her to be the director of SHIELD, Daisy then says that she will rejoin the team.
The ending of the episode is Ava giving water to an unconscious May in Holden's lab, but then we see May having a drink with Coulson meaning that Ava replaced May with an android.

My favorite scene in the episode was finding out that May has been replaced my Ava and that in the back half of the season we are getting Agents of SHIELD age of Ava.
This is going to be so freaking awesome, it is mostly likely we are going to get a full-blown secret warriors team with Daisy, Yoyo and other inhumans and enhanced individuals.
I also really enjoyed the Slingshot speedster scenes, they are so amazing, I really like the special effects used on them, and I can't wait for the Slingshot mini web series.Natalia Cordova-Buckley is great as Yoyo and I hope she is a bigger part of the series going forward.

The standout character of the episode for me was Chloe Bennet as Daisy.The character in the first half of this season has been on almost of a redemption arch with her dealing with the death of Lincon and taking justice into her own hands and realizing that her friends need her help.

I also enjoyed Gabriel Luna as Robbie Reyes was great, in the episodes, we saw of him, he thankfully wasn't killed off but he was written out of the show as he went to hell.So a Ghostrider spin-off may possibly work.But Robbie will return this season of Agents of SHIELD for shore, not as a series regular but he will be in a few episodes in the back half of the season.

Overall, the laws of Inferno dynamics was a great mid-season finale for Agents of SHIELD, and I will give it a 9 out of 10.When all the shows comes back at the end of January I am super stuck in the schedule, as you may or may not know I  post 2 articles a day, On Tuesday's when the Flash and SHIELD come out I do the Flash review that Tuesday night and SHIELD review the following Wednesday morning, but with Legends of Tomorrow airing on Tuesday's as well, shouldI do the Legends review on Wednesday morning or the SHIELD review the Wednesday morning, the review that doesn't come out Wednesday morning will come out most likely Thursday morning.
But all shall be sorted in due time.
Anyway, I would like to hear your thoughts on this episode down in the comments below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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