Season 5 Episode 9

So this episode of Arrow was intense, there was so much revealed so first let's recap.

The episode starts off with Evelyn handing Prometheus pictures of team Arrow and he tells her that she is going to make Oliver wish he was dead.
Meanwhile, at a Christmas party where Felicity introduces her boyfriend, Billy to Curtis and his boyfriend, Paul, Curtis then tells Paul that he has been Felicity on a special mission.
Oliver is at the party with Susan and Oliver gives a speech where he says his favorite Christmas movie is Die hard.Then Paul walks out of the party annoyed that Curtis isn't telling him the truth about what he does late at night.
They go outside then Prometheus comes out and Curtis has a fight with him but gets hospitalized because a throwing star does a little more than skims his neck.
In the hospital with Citrus, Paul doesn't trust what Curtis is doing and he questioning where he learned his fighting skills.Later on, Curtis reveals to Paul that he is working with the Green Arrow and he is a vigilante.
Meanwhile, with Team Arrow, they are having a Christmas party where they are discussing Flashpoint, team Arrow then discusses Prometheus where they know that Prometheus has all their Identities, they then track down a drug that was found in Curtis's blood after he was attacked by Prometheus, Oliver then recognized the name of the drug and had a season 1 flashback where he had taken off the owner of the drug, Claybourne, as he was on the list, they then believe the Claybourne is Prometheus .Felicity tracks the facility he was using and in recent months it has been using water and power.So team Arrow gears up and goes into action.Oliver finds a door in the facility which locks behind him and he encounters Prometheus, Wilddog goes into the fight where he is about to shot Prometheus but Artemis shots Wilddog's guns and she stands next to Prometheus and she says that the city needs to be saved from Oliver.
Artemis and Prometheus then escape, team Arrow then grabs some evidence including some bones and run some test.
Team Arrow is shocked by Evelyn's betrayal and they need to keep all of their loved ones safe.Lyla and John Jr go to an Argus safe house, Thea has to stay in the Arrow cave and Billy tells Felicity he needs to go after Prometheus.Billy then finds the facility where Oliver was before and he finds some files in a desk draw.He finds a picture of a baby and takes a photo and sends it to Felicity.Billy then turns around and he sees Prometheus looking over his shoulder.
Felicity revives the photo of the baby and then team Arrow receives the test results of the bones and they find that it is Claybourne's bones and the photo is found to be 30 years old, team Arrow then realizes that Prometheus is Claybourne's son and he is ready for revenge for his father.
Team Arrow goes around the city including Speedy.
Oliver goes to the building where he killed Claybourne where he finds a lot of bodies, then there are flashbacks where the position of bodies was the same as 4 years ago when Oliver killed Claybourne's security.
Oliver gets on the roof and faces Prometheus, they then have a brawl with Oliver firing arrows but Prometheus shatters them with a throwing star.Oliver then shoots 3 arrows in Prometheus's stomach and he falls to the ground.But Prometheus is still speaking and he says to Oliver "everything you touch dies."
Oliver takes off the mask of Oliver and finds that Billy is in there with his mouth duck taped, but he is now dead, Prometheus set him up.
Oliver then goes back to the Arrow cave and Oliver tells Felicity the news and exactly what happened, he then told everyone to leave, Diggle gets a call from Lyla saying the John Jr is in trouble.Curtis gets home and Paul breaks up with him.
Oliver goes to Susan's house where he tells her that an old friend came to town who said to him everything you touch dies when then see a montage of Felicity and Curtis crying and Diggle going to the Argus safe house where he finds soldiers with guns pointed at him and Diggle surrenders.
Oliver kisses Susan then leaves.
The final scene in the episode is Oliver goes into the Arrow cave and a Laurel turns around and says "Hi Oliver."

My favorite scene in the episode is by far the end scene where we see Laurel back.I don't know if she is a hallucination or reality.But I believe that Laurel came back through the Lazarus pit as Talia ah Ghul is coming on the show.Or if Laurel is in Oliver's mind she could be the person to give Oliver flashback advice when the 5 years on the island expire next season.

The stand out character for me this episode was Prometheus.I don't know what he/she looks like behind the mask but the character is very interesting and he/she is connected to the list which is cool.I was hoping for a Laurel reveal which would have been insane, but I did like the reveal we got.

Overall what we leave behind is a great episode which reveals so much and sets up so much for the rest of the season and the question we are asking ourselves is Laurel a reality or a hallucination?
I will give this episode a 9 out of 10.Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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