Season 2 Episode 8

The season finale for Legends of Tomorrow was such a great end to the first half of what is now an amazing show, so first, let's recap and there will be major spoilers ahead.

The episode is basically about Reverse Flash, Damien Darhk and now Malcolm Merlyn going to Chicago 1927 where they team up with Al Capone to try to retrieve the amulet the legends have a hold of and to also give Al Capone to push to become a politician.
So the Legends go to 1927 as they found a time quake and after some research, they find out that there have been sometimes apparitions which Al Capone is the mayor of Chicago.So the legends track down a police detective who was on his case and warn him that he might be in danger, the detective gets in a car with some police who are working with Capone.The police detective is captured by Capone and is dumped in the river, however, the legends save him and put him in medical attention on the waverider.
Mick watches over him but he sees Leonard Snart who tells him not to be a hero.The legends then come up with another plan where they find a bar that Capone is running and they work undercover, Nate takes the disguise of the police detective.In the bar Martin, Jefferson and Sarah encounter Damien and Reverse flash, and Martin and Sarah are held captured.
In their captivity, Martin tells Sarah about the apparition he created which was his daughter and Martin gets taken away and tortured.
Back on the waverider Mick, Amaya, Ray,and Nate come up with a plan to save Sarah and martin.Mick takes the lead.The legends manage to save Martin and Sarah and they go back on the waverider.
Martin goes to the library to research more about the amulet, Jefferson watches the security cams and it is revealed that the reverse flash took the identity of Martin.Jefferson warns Ray and Nate and he grabs a speedster gun from the hidden bunker.Sarah is heading towards the library where she is checking up on 'martin", Nate comes in and asks her for help with so ship stuff, 'martin' tries to stop her but then he transforms into the Reverse Flash and runs around the ship.
Jefferson uses the speedster gun on the Reverse Flash and it stuns him, but he gets away and locks himself on the bridge and lets in Merlyn and some on Capone's henchmen.Sarah fights Merlyn using league of assassins skills and Mick manages to hide the amulet and Amaya takes down the reverse Flash,The Reverse Flash is about to kill Amaya but gets an apple watch notification and runs away.
Back with Sarah and Merlyn, Sarah has Marlyn pinned to the ground with a knife by his neck, Sarah asks where Martin is and then we cut to Martin about to be pushed into the river by Al Capone but Sarah saves him and tells him that they made a deal with the bad guys which was to save Martin but for the legends to give up the amulet.Back o the Waverider Sarah tells Martin that they need to keep their family safe including Martin's family, so Sarah promises martin that she will not change the apparition he caused.
Nate and Ray give the police detective information on Al Capone to take him down, and Ray tells the detective to make a movie on the incident that being Loyalty & Betrayal.
Then we see the legion of doom who now have the amulet and the Reverse Flash connects is it with another bigger amulet to create a compass which shows a red holographic map.The Revere Flash said that it can track down the spear of destiny which can rewrite reality itself.
The final scene is of Rip Hunter running through an alleyway and he trips  over some trash cans, but psych it is the set of a movie in 1967 and the director is Rip Hunter!

My favorite part of the episode was the ending with Rip Hunter.We finally know where he ended up in time which was 1976, but it is unusually how Gideon didn't know where he was, Rip Hunter possibly could have programmed her not to reveal where he was as he has a grand plan that the legends will find him.His accent is now American instead of British, it is to most likely just to fit in as Rip could be going as a different identity.But he still must have some memories of being a time master as that is the film he was directing, or he could be having some visions of being a time master and he is creating a film on it.

The stand out character for me in the episode was, well there were two.I loved Vixen in the episode, taking Mick's advice and not playing by the rules, and her arch in the episode was great, she doesn't want revenge o Rex's death she wants Justice.Maisie Richardson-Sellers did a great job as Vixen in the episode and I can't wait to see her get her revenge on Rex, which she may or may not get, as the Reverse Flash in legends of Tomorow is from pre the Flash season 1.I also do really enjoy Matt Letscher as the Reverse Flash, he is such a menacing villain,I do like the  red lighting effects in the eyes of Eodbar.
The second stand out character for me this episode was Dominic Purcell as Mick Rory.The character has developed from a 1-dimensional sidekick criminal to a really bad ass character.In the episode Nate asked Gideon to get rid of Mick's 'brain tumor' and Gideon replied "who says I already haven't", so Gideon could have help Mick get over the death of Leonard and to not betray the team again by giving him flashes of Leonard in his memory.
But Wentworth Miller is going to come back as Captain Cold and join the Legion of Doom in the back half of the season.

Overall the Chicago way is a great episode and Legends ofTomorrowo as a series has done so much better this season.I would give this episode a 9 out of 10.Let me know down in the comment what your thoughts on the episode are.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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