Season 2 Episode 7
So the final part is here, spoiler ahead, let's recap...

The episode starts off with Oliver, Sarah, John, Ray and Nate coming off the waverider and going into the base where Nate says that he has been doing some investigating and that the Dominators invaded earth in Oregan 1951.So Nate, Maya, Mick, Felicity, and Cisco go on the waverider to kidnap a Dominator to get information like the Dominators did to Oliver, Thea, John, Sarah, and Ray.So the legends and tech support go to Oregon 1951 where they see the Dominators invading Earth.The team manages to capture a Dominator but in doing so the military captures the Dominator and the Legends.
Back in present day The Flash, Green Arrow, White Canary, and the Atom are planned to meet the new president outside their base, but then a military man shows up who attempts to kill the heroes, but Flash goes all Quicksilver and stops all the bullets, and then they get into a fight with the military dude, and he says that when the Dominators attacked Earth in the 50's, Earth signed a treaty with the Dominators but when Barry created Flashpoint, the Dominators saw that the metahumans of Earth posed a threat to them so they are out to exterminate humanity, but they will leave Earth if Barry surrenders himself to the Dominator.
The camera focuses on the military guy's face and then it changes to the legends in the 50's it the military man who ordered to kill the heroes in 2016 is the same man who captured the legends in the 50's.So back in the 50's, the Dominator is being experimented on Nate, Maya and Mick are in a cell which dampened their powers, but luckily, Felicity and Cisco saves them and they rescue the dominator which they get a Dominator phone and then they put the Dominator they captured in the escape pod the Oliver came in.

So the legends go back to 2016 where Cisco and Nate use the Dominator phone and contact the Dominators who say that they are going to invade Earth and that Barry needs to surrender himself, Cisco then comes to the realization that he messed up the past and all this time has been blaming Barry for doing the same.Oliver goes to talk to stop Barry.Meanwhile, Martin and his daughter are creating a device to take down the Dominators, Martin then tells Caitlin that his daughter was created by Flashpoint.But they do manage to finish the device.
Back with the other characters, Oliver tried talking Barry out of surrendering himself but the  Cisco says to Barry that they will all stand with him, and then Nate says that if the Dominators think that the heroes of Earth do more harm than good, today is the  day to find out.
Then Diggle  looks on the computer and Dominator ships are coming in worldwide and there's one heading for Central City.Martin comes in with his weapon which will give the Dominators agonizing  pain,Then Sarah and Cisco go in the Waverider to stop the bomb that the Dominators are dropping.The other heroes are on a rooftop and they battle an army of Dominators with lasers flying, Arrows going across the screen and Barry puts the devices on the Dominators.
On the waverider, a tractor beam is used on the bomb and firestorm comes to the rescue where he absorbs all the power from the bomb which turns into water.Supergirl and the Flash then put the weapons that Martin gave them on the Dominators all over the world and then all the Dominators in the world fall back and go back home.
Back at the base, the president is giving a speech thanking the heroes and telling them that the world owes them an unplayable debt.
The heroes are back at their base where Kara is saying thanks to Barry and Oliver where they have a group hug, Cisco then gives Kara a device which will allow her to open a breach from her Earth the main arrow verse.Kara the opens a breach and walks through.Oliver and Sarah think of how they started crime fighting and that so many others have come around.Sarah and the legends leave, and Matin tells Jefferson that he has a daughter due to Flashpoint but they can't tell the others because they might make him revert the timeline.
John parts ways.Oliver and Barry then talk about how they should meet up more often, then they go and have a drink and talk about who would win in a fight.

My favorite scene in the episode was the huge civil war helicopter pad battle scene with the heroes of Earth against the Dominators.It was such an epic payoff to see, we have seen this crossover stretch out over 3 nights and the fight scene was such a nice payoff and it was so epic to see all these heroes come together.I also did like all the powers.I also did like the end scene with Cisco giving Kara the portal device, it will be so much easier for Supergirl to crossover to the arrow verse, especially for the musical crossover which is between Supergirl and the Flash, that's episode 13.I also loved the reference that Ray said to Felicity about Kara "she looks like my cousin.", I just loved that reference to Brandon Routh playing Superman in Superman Returns.

The stand out character for me this episode was Barry Allen.Barry was so willing to surrender himself which cause Cisco to be friends with him again.I also really loved those awesome slow motion scenes in the episode.I have always wanted them to do that with the character.

Overall Invasion was a great conclusion to this ultimate crossover, the fight scene was amazing and I can't wait for Supergirl to return.I did wish that the Star Labs base they were at was called the Hall of Justice and that the heroes were called the Justice League.but there will be many more crossovers to come.Martin did mention to Caitlin when Killer Frost comes back and she is unstoppable, they will all be there to help her, so if Caitlin goes full, full Killer Frost she could be the crossover villain.I will give Invasion tonight a 9 out of 10.
But anyway, leave your thoughts on the episode down below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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