Massive spoiler Warning if you have not seen Rogue One
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Ok so spoilers ahead, in Rogue One the main crew of Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor, K2SO, Bodhi Rook, Baze Malbus and Chirrut Imwe were all killed on Scariff while they retrieved the death star plans.There was an alternate ending filmed which had the characters live another day and that is what the unused shots from the trailers were for.
But the head of Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kenedy and a lot of others told the director of Rogue One, Gareth Edwards that since none of these characters show up in the original trilogy they must all be killed off and that happened.

But I have found a way were the Rogue One crew, or at least most of the Rogue One crew could have lived and their absences in the Orginal trilogy would be explained.
So what I believe could have happened could be that 2 of the main characters should have died, those characters being Bodhi Rook, the reason for his death would be that he worked for the Empire and they went out of their way to kill him as he was a traitor.this would also set up more steaks for Finn in episode 8 with the First Order having a large assertive to kill traitors like Finn, like what the Empire would have done to Bodhi.

The second character that could have died in Rogue One would be Chirrut Imwe.With the character being the wise figure in the group that held them together, it would make a heavy impact on the Rogue One crew if he was killed.

So this leaves us with the other characters, Jyn, Cassian, K2, and Baze.Well K2SO could have died the way he did, but Cassian managed to get his memory chip out before he escaped, then he reprogramed another droid to have K2's memory.
But Bodhi, Chirrut, or K2 had to even die.

But these characters didn't die and they don't show up in the original trilogy, this would leave with a huge flaw in the saga, but what if after the crew retrieve the Death Star plans, they go into hiding, being some of the top wanted beings in the galaxy, by the Empire.The crew could have a facetime call with Mon Mothma and she agrees with them for their names to never be spoken of in case of imperial spies in the rebellion.
But with the crew in hiding, and the Empire after them but can't find them, the Empire has a card that they would like to pull out, that being bounty hunters, more specifically, Boba Fett.So what if there was a Boba Fatt Spinoff film which featured him going after the reaming Rogue One crew.

These are just my thoughts on how the Rogue One characters fates could have been in the film.Let me know if you agree with me by dropping a comment below, or if you don't agree with me, let me know by dropping a comment below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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