So the Spiderman Homecoming trailer has finally released and it is awesome, this is such a great trailer showing us Peter dealing with being Spiderman as well as being at school, we see Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark and we also see a bunch of awesome shots of the Vulture so let's break it down ...

 We see a shot of Spiderman with the web wings which is from the teaser trailer
 Title card, book the date
Here is a proton type gun which we some thieves using.This is the same type of gun we see the Vulture using later on in the trailer, so these guys either stole a gun from the vulture or were given this gun by the vulture
 The thieves wearing the Avengers masks
 Spiderman here to save the day with his quips, I loved the joke, "hulk gave it away."
 Peter using his spidey senses to dodge some oncoming punches
 Peter looking depressed at school
This is Laura Harrier's character, Liz Allan who is putting up a Homecoming  poster
 Peter and his friend, Ned Leeds played by Jacob Batalon staring at Liz thinking of all the possibilities
 Zendaya's character, Michelle calling Peter and Ned losers
Tony telling Peter to not be like him but to also be like him
Peter looking at some footage of him in action at the airport during Civil War in class
Peter has his suit under his clothes
A destroyed convenience store
Peter most likely sneaking into Ned's room as they were hanging out or something and then there was crime and Peter had to suit up and save the day and came back to Ned's house/apartment and was expecting him to be asleep.
Ned in shock that Peter is Spiderman, drops his lego death star
Peter getting back into regular clothes, but spider powers gave him abs
Spiderman climbing the Washington monument
Spiderman having an oh sh*t look
In comes the Batman Birdman I mean Vulture
This mask looks really cool, it is exactly what was in the concept art but the costume is a huge departure from the comics which was some dark green spandex
Tony giving Peter a tour of the Avengers facility, and Tony tells Spiderman that he isn't an Avenger
Peter complaining to Ned that because of his age he isn't accepted in the big league
Web wings
Liz seems to be on a field trip at monument point where Peter uses his web wings, the cuts in the trailer make it seem like she is calling Peter but it could be someone else
That is Donald Glover standing on the left who is not playing Miles Morales,but he the person who probably supplied the shocker (on the right) this gun that looks similar to what the Vulture has been using, You can tell this is the Shocker as the jacket is the same color and pattern
Peter having a rough time but hey he has his phone
Spiderman being knocked down, the background appears to be a forest as there is dirt on the ground and a bush in the background, so Spidey could be spying on the Shocker testing his gun as seen in the shot before\
Spidey being smashed against a bus
Micheal Keaton talking to who someone, it is cut to seem like Peter but it could be Michelle Zendaya's character, this would mean Spiderman would have to save her setting her up to be Peter's love interest
The vulture ready for battle on the beach
Peter knocked on the ground in a battle with the vulture, this seems like it is going to be the third act of the film, it is night time so Peter may have time to make it to his Homecoming dance.But Peter is in his old hoddie uniform making it seem lke his suit gets a parental lock from Mr. Stark or this takes place before Civil War.
Spiderman in DC saving people from an elevator shaft or a subway cart
Aunt May at work, she is probably going to watch the news only to find that Spiderman is saving the day, I believe that she knows that Peter is Spiderman that is why she looks worried
The Vulture blasting a gun
That gun does a lot of destruction tearing a hole through the ship, this is smart, it this happened on land, the Defenders would help but since this is at sea the Defender will have to cross paths with the Avengers another time.The ship has the Mexico flag on it, so the ship is either going from Mexico to New York or vice versa.
Spiderman doing a spiderman 2, but this time he has to hold a ship together
Here's the new logo
Iron Man and Spiderman going across New York together, it appears that this is the mark 46 or Tony couldn't be bothered in designing the Mark 47.This is an awesome shot.

Overall this trailer is awesome and I can't wait for the film.Leave your thoughts on the trailer in the comments below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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