So the trailer for Supergirl lives has come out and it looks fantastic.The episode is going to be directed by Kevin Smith, who wrote a script for a Superman movie that never happened which was titled Superman lives.It was going to star ben Affleck as Superman but then turned to Nicholas Cage and it just ultimately turned to crap.This all happened in the 90's.
But let's break down the trailer...

 This is the alien ship from the end of episode 8 which had the aliens who were looking for Mon-El.I have no idea why they are looking for Mon-El, maybe this is an alien race who is wanting to exterminate all Daxamites and since Mon-El is the last one left, he is wanted
 We see Kara go through this purple portal, this most likely leads to the planet with the red sun at the end of the trailer.It is unclear how she will get here, meaning where is the purple portal
 Alex is giving Winn a prep talk to not be afraid, this hinting at Winn possibly having to go out on the field to either help the DEO or Jimmy as the Guardian
 This I believe is the alien ship which was in the begging of the trailer, Supergirl is possibly breaking in, or these could be Roulette's new bodyguards, or these could be guards at a place on the planet with the red sun at the end of the trailer.
 The Guardian pulling out his shield ready for action, I do have to say the shield is like Captain America's original shield and the mask looks like War machines with the shaping and the color scheme
 Roulette's return, she is possibly at the place where the guards were before with the explosion behind them, the background architecture looks similar, I don't think she will be hosting her alien fight club
 Supergirl in action taking down a van, these are possibly criminals that ran away from the Guardian, or an even crazier theory is that in the van is Alex, Winn, and Jimmy, drawing out Supergirl for some reason.This would explain the don't be afraid speech Alex said the Winn at the begging of the trailer
We then see Supergirl on a planet with a red sun and she is bleeding.This planet seems to be the planet which has the purple portal.It is unclear what cut Kara, but this is going to have Supergirl at a weak point

Overall, this was a great trailer which teased some awesome stuff to come in episode 9 which airs on January the 23.Leave your thoughts on the trailer down below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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