Season 3 Episode 9:
The Flash mid-season finale was insane, so spoilers ahead let's recap.

The episode starts off with a flashback where we see Jillian as an archeologist who finds the philosophers stone in India, But then Jillian releases the power of the stone.
Back in present day team Flash is researching Savitar then they come across the philosophers stone which they see that Jillian was researching it, so Barry goes to Jillian's office where he asks about the stone and says that he researched about it and that the people he was working with died.Meanwhile, HR is training Wally and he is much faster than Barry was when he was in his early stages of being a speedster.Then on Earth 3 we see the trickster robbing a bank but then Jay Garrick comes and catches all his bullets with his hat.
The trickster then has a bomb strapped to him but then Barry Allen comes to save the day and Barry and Jay go to Earth 1 where they talk about Savitar, Jay says that he has not heard of Savitar.Back with team Flash, Cisco is seeing Dante and he is freaking out, Caitlin comes and calms him down and they have a quality chat on their last Christmas without their loved ones.They then get notified about Dr. Alchemy trying to do a mass metahuman gifting but the Flashes of  2 Earths go in stop him, but then Savitar shows up and Savitar takes Jay and beats him up like he did to Barry, with Barry he stops Alchemy and takes off the mask and it is Jillian, Barry then takes his stone and puts in the box it was originally founded in, and the. Savitar disappears.
Back at Star Labs Jillian is locked up where he saying that he is innocent and that The Flash is convicting him of being a villain.The Flash then takes off his mask and reveals to Jillian that he is Barry, Jillian laughs and says to himself "I should have known."
Jay is seriously injured and goes into the med bay.
Meanwhile, Cisco sees Dante again and Dante says to Cisco to open the box and that it will bring him back.Cisco then opens the box and unleashed the power of the philosophers stone and Savitar shows up.Barry then goes to fight with him and he is getting his ass handed to him, Wally then goes to save Barry.
Caitlin then tells Cisco to close the box but Cisco is reluctant to do it,Caitlin then tells Cisco that Dante is gone but there are Barry and Wally who are still alive that need Cisco's help, but then comes to terms that Dante is gone and he closes the box and Savitar disappears.
Joe then says to Barry that Wally's mind wasn't steering his body.Then Barry realizes that Jilian might not realize that he is Alchemy.So Barry asks Jillian if he has been having blackouts.Team Flash then realizes that Alchemy sounds like Savitar, they then come up with a plan to connect Jillian with the philosophers stone and then Savitar speaks through Jillian and he says that future Barry trapped him eternity and he has seen the future and that someone in team Flash is a traitor and that someone else will die.
Barry then disconnects the philosopher  stone from Jillian who can't remember what happened.
Barry then decides to get rid of the stone by throwing it in the speed force, Jay then decides to help Barry, so both Flashes go into the particle accelerator and they run, Barry the is the stone in the box in the speed force and then Barry travels to the future where he is in a park and he sees Savitar holding Iris and future Barry is trying to talk Savitar from not killing Iris but then Savitar impales Iris and future Barry screams.Jay then gets present day Barry pulls him back to present day where he tells him that he shouldn't have seen the future, Jay then  goes back to Earth 3.
Team Flash then decides to get in the Christmas spirit where they have Christmas once again at the West house.Team Flash got Wally a present which is the Kid Flash suit and he is officially apart of the team.Joe invites his girlfriend over where they have a battle of the Eggnogs, Jillian shows up and gifts Barry his job back at the police department and to share his lab, and Jillian won't tell anyone about Caitlin's powers.
The final scene is of Barry's gift to Iris which is an apartment for them, they then kiss and the credits role.

My favorite scene in the episode was the future scene where Iris gets killed by Savitar.It opens so many questions as to if the season finale is going to go down this route.But I believe that Barry's mission throughout the remainder of the season is to prevent Iris from getting killed.I am also speculating as to who the traitor in the team is, I am going to do some speculation next week.
I did like the scene of Wally getting his suit, I am looking forward to him being on Team Flash and he also has to own Oliver a favor after he saved Wally in the crossover.

My favorite character in the episode was Jillian.I really liked Tom Felton's performance in the episode, and it was great to see his motives of why he became Alchemy.I also liked HR in the episode, he was so hilarious, Tom Cavanagh is so great as this hip Harrison Wells.It was also great to see Mark Hamill as the Trickster back in the show, his costume looked a lot like the Joker.

Overall the present was a great episode which has got me with my speculation hat on for what is to come next in the season.I liked the characters in the episode and I am looking forward as to what is coming in the season.The Flash will be on break until the end of January.
I would like to hear your thoughts on the episode down below.As always thanks for reading, take care,

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