TOP 10 MOVIES 2016

As 2016 ends, or if it has already ended for you (lucky you) I am going to go through my favorite 10 movies of 2016 so here we go

10) Zootopia
Zootopia is a great animated film, I had a heard time juggling this up with Moana, but Zootopia had a more clever storyline which had me on the edge of my seat, and the characters were great along with the animation.

9) Edge of 17
The edge of 17 is a film that could have gone either way but it was a great realistic film about a girl at high school.The characters were great and the film captured the spirit of the high school and other aspects of life.The acting was great and  Hailee Steinfeld was great as Nadine.

8) Kubo and the two strings
Kubo is such an underrated animated film.It is an amazing animated film with talented voice acting and really great stop motion work, which I really appreciate the effort that goes into productions like this.The story was overall great and if you haven't seen this film, go see it.

7) Deepwater Horizon
Deep Water Horizon is the film based on the 2010 bp oil rig disaster, and this film shows how deadly the disaster was.It makes you realize that this actually happened and that there was a slim chance of survival.

6) 10 Cloverfield lane
Cloverfield 10 is an amazing intense film, there was a lot of suspense every second on the screen which created for a great ending.I enjoyed the film, it was very well put together

5) Rogue One
Rogue One a star wars story.I loved this film, the characters were great, the story was simple but interesting, and this film adds depth and layers and fills in plot holes for what is one best films of all time, star wars a new hope.That is also why I hope when Rogue One is released on DVD and Blu-ray they make join a new hope on the same disc to create a masterpiece.

4) Deadpool
A film that most people thought was going to fail, because who would ever see an R-rated superhero film in February.Deadpool is a true comic book film, it captured the spirit of the character, Deadpool, it had 4th wall breaks, it had the action and the humor which made this film great.This wasn't a big high steaks film, but a smaller film, but it was still awesome.

3) Hacksaw Ridge
Hacksaw Ridge, just wow, it is such an emotional story, a true story which is crazy, I was amazed at the story of how violence is not the way, and it is a great film to come out today.Andrew Garfield in the film, wow, he is amazing.

So before the top 2 films, here are some honorable mentions
Finding Dory
Star Trek Beyond
U.S presidential election
la la land
Jungle Book
Hiden Figures
A monsters Call
Doctor Strange

2) Arrival
The Arrival is a movie with aliens, however, no violence and instead a translation puzzle, and the film is amazing, it I incredible, the story, the characters, it was all gorgeous.Amy Adams is great as the lead and Jeremy Renner is also a great supporting actor.The film is a masterpiece and I won't be surprised if it gets the best picture of the year at the oscars.

1) Captain America Civil War
You're probably not surprised.Civil War.The fallout between the Avengers was great, the story was masterfully put together, every single character was handled great and this film has my favorite action scene of all time, that being the airport battle.Civil War is a great blockbuster that I enjoyed the lead up to and it paid off.

So that is my top ten list of movies this year.2016 has been a rough year and I will wrap it up with something else tonight.I'm not going to do a 10 worst movies of 2016 list, but I've heard that Gods of Egypt is number 1 on a lot of peoples list.
Leave your top ten list of movies down below, As always thanks for reading, take care.

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