Season 4 Episode 9

Spoilers Ahead, agents of SHIELD is back, earlier than the other shows so let's do a quick recap and I will get into the cool stuff and what might be ahead.

The episode is basically about SHIELD is to get rid of the Darkhold book, but Aida manages to raid the SHIELD base and take the book.She uses android May to talk to Coulson to get the whereabouts of the book in the base and she finds it, Aida is about to leave when Fitz and Radcliff try to talk to her, but she ignores them but Mack then cuts off her head like a bad ass.

The other story going on was Jeffery, Daisy, and Jemma trying to find the Inhuman Jemma saw earlier, they figure out that it is the senator's brother, and his ability is super speed, and the senator hires watchdogs to kill him, but she calls them off.But then brother, Vijay is given a choice to go with SHIELD or his sister, and he goes with his sister on a helicopter and she shoots him as he is an Inhuman.

The end scene of the episode was Radcliff talking to another version of Aida and he says that he built a 2.0 version of Aida, and his plan is to get the Darkhold and use his power.Revealing that he is the puppet master.

The post credit scene of the episode was the body of Vijay being dumped out of the helicopter and it sinks to the bottom of a lake, and then he has a cryo shell form around him, like when an Inhuman gets the Terrigen treatment.

There were so many great scenes in the episode, some of my favorite scenes were of mack going on about how the robots always uprise aginst the humans, and he was proven right.I also like how he said to Yoyo while the Aida controlled quinjet was firing down on them "Radcliff needs to watch all the terminator movies, even Salvation!".But my favorite scene in the episode was when Mack cuts off Aida's head then says "roll credits."
It was such a bad ass moment and henry Simmons does an awesome as Mack, and that line at the end makes the scene so good.

I enjoyed Aida as a villain, she is surprisingly menacing, Mallory Jansen is great as the android, I also enjoyed seeing the new Inhuman character, Vijay it was interesting to see his backstory, especially with his mother being killed in the Chitarui invasion from the Avengers.But my favorite character this episode was Henery Simmons as Mack, all the jokes he made were great, and as I said before, him killing Aida 1.0 was amazing.

What's in for the rest of the season for agents of SHIELD LMD?
Well, the android May is still inside SHIELD, and so is Radcliff, I don't know what his full intentions are with the dark hold part from learning the secrets to the universe.But he seems like he does care about the people at SHIELD as he is keeping May alive.
But then there is the Inhuman plot line with Vijay and his senator sister.We know he has super speed/ fast reflexes and he is put into a Terrigen shell, him going back into the shell could change his powers a little bit from a speed as Yoyo has super speed and they are too similar to have on the same team, and I hope that they don't kill off Yoyo to bring this guy on the Secret Warriors.I believe he will side with SHIELD when he gets out, knowing that his sister betrayed him twice, and the second time she shot him, herself.

Overall the episode broken promises were great, it showed us what is in store for the rest of the season which is the LMD stuff and the Inhuman's story line.I don't know how long the LMD storyline is going to go on for but I predict that Radcliff will get the dark hold book and build a world ending device that only Vijay can stop.I will give this episode a 9 out of 10.Leave  your thoughts on the comments below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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