Season 4 Episode 10:

In this episode of Agents of SHIELD we finally learn the truth of Jeffery's powers, so spoilers ahead, and let's recap.

The episode is after an assassination attempt on Jeffery, Coulson, and Mack safely takes the Director to a safe house.But the quinjet they take gets attacked and an agent who was holding a briefcase was blown out of the jet.The three get trapped in the woods with no signal to the base, and they try to find the briefcase, but they find that a group of ex-hydra/ watchdog supplied militants have a hold of the case.
Back at base, General Talbot, May, Daisy, ad Simmons are trying to find the rest of the team, May and Daisy go out on a quinjet to find them.
Simmons manages to get the highest rank of SHIELD with the director missing and she discovers a project called 'The Patriot" and she asks Talbot what it is about.

Back with the three Musketeers in the forest, they manage to get back the case, and Jeffery runs with it deeper in the woods and opens it up and there are injections, he tries to inject himself but he is ambushed by a militant and both injections are destroyed.Jeffery then reveals to Mack and Coulson that he doesn't have powers and that he is just a weak guy.The three then get to a shed that they find and they get ready for more militants on their way.Jeffery suits up as the patriot and tries to make a deal with the militants for the case, but then mack blows up one of the trucks and then Coulson pulls out his shield and it is battle time.
Daisy and Mack come in to help them out and they defeat all the militants.
Back at base, we see Fitz putting Aida's head in storage but he is downloading her software onto his phone.
Coulson then has an argument with Talbot that they created an inhuman using a serum.Jeffery then is about to resing as director of SHIELD but Coulson tells him not to, but Coulson and Jeffery agree that Coulson makes all the calls on the field.

The other arch in the episodes was of real May waking up and she tries to fight Aida but Aida manages to win and then Aida and Radcliff put her back into her sleep, and Radcliff reveals that android May doesn't know she is a robot.

The end scene of the episode is of android May in the changing rooms, Daisy comes in and asks if she's ok, May says she's fine, but then may finds a cut on her back and she sees some wires and a metal plate.

My favorite scene in the episode is the reveal that Jeffery is not an Inhuman, it was great to finally see the truth behind the character and back at the base where Coulson and Talbot are arguing of creating enhanced individuals was great because it this could be a gateway for Red Hulk as the government has to create super soldier like serums, and what did Bruce Banner attempt to make the super soldier serum but he instead created the Hulk.
I also liked Fitz and Simmons reaction, "you mostly got rid of the bad stuff!" [from the serum]

I am also interested to see how android May reacts to her being an android without knowing it.The real May could be killed off this season possibly, but Ming-Na Wen wouldn't have to leave the show as can still play android May who feels emotions.

My favorite character of the episode was Jason Omara as the Patriot.His acting was great when he revealed that he wasn't enhanced, and how willing he was to give up when someone caught him, but he managed to pull through.
Adrian Pasdar as General talbot, the character is one of my favorites in the series, and I love it whenever he comes on the show.

So with the big reveal of the patriot, there are only a select few in SHIELD that know who are Coulson, Mack, Simmons, and Fitz.everyone else doesn't know.

Overall the patriot was a great episode with a great reveal, one thing I also have picked up with the series is that the main charcters give the bacqkground charcters names so when they die it feels a little more emotional.But I will givbe this episode a 8.5 out of 10.
Leave your thoughts oin the episode downb below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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