Season 4 Episode 11:

In the episode, there were a couple plots going on so I will explain them all, but spoilers ahead, the episode showed off a lot, so let's get started.

In the episode, Daisy is going to sign the Sokovia accords, but Senator Nadeer is there so Coulson and Yoyo sneak into her office to uncover some answers, however senator Nadeer knew that they were coming and she placed a stun bomb in the room and Coulson and Yoyo was apprehended, so now Senator Nadeer is going to start a full investigation on SHIELD, Coulson thinks Talbot was the one that leaked the secret plan but he says he wasn't.

The second story line going on was with the real May, she discovers that she is in a simulation where she has to fight Aida, but Aida resets the simulation every time she defeats her, but everyone time the simulation runs May gets better and better so she will eventually break free.

Later in the episode android, May goes to Radcliff and he says that he built her programming so that she won't hurt him and that she will not tell anyone that she is an android.
But Fitz does some investigating on Aida and finds that there was nothing wrong with her coding, so he puts Radcliff at blame, and SHIELD pursues him, he is put in a cell, then Fitz shoots him with a real gun only to reveal that they captured an android of Radcliff.

The episode ends with the real Radcliff working with Senator Nadeer and he is with Aida in a bunker along with the unconscious real May who has a new simulation of when she had to take out 30 brainwashed SHIELD agents and take care of the child that was doing this.It was also teased that there is a high boss that senator Nadeer is woking for.

There were a couple great scenes in the episode, my favorite scene was the ending, I kind of knew it was eventually going to tie together but it is great to know that SHIELD only has to face one threat instead of multiple threats which creates too many plots to follow and is gets complicated.But two sides, SHIELD, and Inhumans aginst Watchdogs and LMD's.
I am very interested to know who the bigger boss is, imagine if its Grant Ward, that would be insane.
I also did like the May vs Aida fight scene, even though it was in a dream sequence it was still awesome.

There were so many great standouts in the episode, I especially enjoyed Henry Simmons as Mack and learning about his backstory, he had a child that passed away.So it bought more dimensions to the character instead of him just being a kick ass mechanic.
I also liked Ming-Na Wen in the episode as May and also as android May, I can't wait until her storyline just explodes, everyone finds out that the May in SHIELD is an Android and in like the season finale Radcliff threatens to like kill May for the dark hold or something.

Overall, wake up is a great episode which sets up the true villains of this LMD part of the season, and May is starting to know where she is, both May's android May and regular May.I will give this episode an 8.5 out of 10.Leave your thoughts on the episode down in the comments below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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