Season 5 Episode 10:

Arrow has returned and it picks straight up from episode 9 with the return of Laurel, and there are two plot lines that are going on as well as the flashbacks, so spoilers ahead, and let's get started.

The episode is about Laurel Lance is back in Star City and she says that she was saved by Sarah who time traveled in the Waverider.Felicity walks in and freaks out that Laurel is back, she tells Oliver that John is back in prison more on that later.
But with Laurel back Felicity throws a party for the return of Laurel, but everyone is a little bummed out as Billy died, Prometheus is still at large and Curtis is sad as his husband left him, and Rene tries to cheer him up but Curtis just gets even madder.
Then Back to the Arrow cave Rory walks in on Felicity doing some DNA test on Laurel, and it comes out that it is Laurel, Rory then goes on about 'what if she had an evil twin." and Felicity and has thought as realizes that this might be Black Siren, then she walks in and Black Siren screams down the Arrow cave, Oliver comes in and aims an arrow at Black Siren but she flees.
They then realize that this is not the Laurel Lance that they knew but this is her Earth-2 counterpart, so they receive some files from Cisco on Black Siren and they learn that she was broken out of STAR labs by Prometheus.
Black Siren then meets up with Prometheus who argued with her as she nearly killed Oliver, and Prometheus just wants to Oliver to destroy himself.
Oliver gets a call from Black Siren and he is asked by her to meet her at the Black Canary statue, the new recruits gear up and they get in position, Felicity puts them on separate com line where she tells them if Siren makes a move lite her up.Black Siren pulls out her phone and the new recruits see thinks it's a weapon and they open fire and she is captured by team Arrow, but the Black Canary Statue is destroyed.
Back at the Arrow cave Felicity and Oliver have an argument over what happened, Felicity is upset because she is not the Black Siren that they knew, but Oliver still wants to give her a chance.
The new recruits are downstairs in the hive where Rene apologies to Curtis from upsetting him earlier, and he tells him to focus on the things he can to right instead of calling himself out on the things he can't do.
With Black Siren captured, Felicity questions her and tells her that Oliver sees a shot in redemption in her, Felicity gives Black Siren a glass of water and then the power goes out and Black Siren escapes.
At the Arrow cave, Oliver is asking how Black Siren escaped, Felicity, reveals that she let her escape and that she put nano-trackers in her water, so the team tracks her down to a warehouse and they suit up to go after her, but Curtis comes in and tells the team that he built a smaller dampener to Black Siren powers.
Oliver, Wilddog, and Ragman go through the warehouse and Curtis and Felicity finish building the weapon in the van.
Wilddog finds Black Siren and opens fire but he gets his ass handed to him, Oliver then is going to go help Rene but he is faced by Prometheus, they start having a fight.
Oliver has the upper hand but then Felicity and Curtis have the weapon ready and come to face laurel and Oliver is faced with the dilemma to stop Prometheus or to save Felicity, and he saves Felicity and Curtis uses the weapon and Black Siren loses her powers.

In the episode Adrian Chase is told by Oliver Queen to be Diggle's lawyer, Adrian agrees and he uses tactics to get John into his custody, he gets John to punch him so this is a second crime that Diggle has done so under some laws Adrian is in charge of where Diggle goes.

In the flashbacks, Oliver is still in Russia where he is being beaten up by the Bravata or someone, but the end scene in the flashbacks is Oliver being saved by a woman in a hood who carries arrows, and she says that she is Talia! so that is Talia Al Ghul on the show, she is the person who taught both Oliver and Prometheus some fighting skills.

The episode ends with Black Siren being sent to Argus prison.Oliver and Felicity are looking over the destroyed Black Canary statue and Oliver says to Felicity that he wants to fulfill Laurel's last promise which is to find a new Black Canary, then we go to HGub City where we see these men harassing a lady in a bar and a woman uses a supersonic scream to take them down, like Black Siren.

My favorite scene in the episode was seeing out new Black Canary, I don't know her name but I am excited to see how they develop this character.I hope that she gets introduced to team Arrow by the end of the season, but it is cool to get some new blood on the team.
It is a shame that Kaite Cassidy is not Black Canary anymore, she has been so pivotal to the show that its a shame she isn't coming back, although she could with the way that Black Siren made up how she came back, Sarah and the rest of the legends could somehow stop Damien darhk in the past, or they could use the spare of Destiny which can rewrite reality.

The stand out character of the episode for me was Kaite Cassidy returning as Black Siren, Black Siren is a great character and it was awesome to see team, Arrow react to her, she isn't probably going to get redeemed as they teased a new Black canary at the end of the episode, but I still enjoyed Kaite Cassidy's performance.
The other characters I enjoyed in the episode were Curtis, he got a grip of himself and decided to focus on the things he can do rather than the things he can't do.
Felicity in this episode was good, her reaction to Laurel was good, but with literally no time passing from episode 9 to episode 10, I feel like she would be in more grief.
I also enjoyed the relationship between Diggle and Adrian.

Overall this episode of Arrow as great, I loved Kaite Cassidy returning as Black Siren, and Talia Al Ghul was introduced into the flashbacks is awesome.I will give this episode a 9 out of 10.Leave your thoughts on the episode down in the comments below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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