On this week's cover of Entertainment Weekly are the Defenders, Charlie Cox, Krysten Ritter, Mike Colter, and Finn Jones all in one photo which looks awesome, so
The cover looks awesome, those aren't the logos that the tv show is going to use for the tv show, but it brings a very comicbooky feel.The costumes of the characters, well Luke Cage is wearing his classic Yellow t-shirt and jeans, Jessica Jones is wearing a leather jacket like she did in her series, I don't know if she will get a proper superhero costume like her white Jewel one from the comics.Matt Murdock is wearing a suit, and Danny Rand's costume is interesting, the green shirt is teasing him getting a full blown comic book costume.

So these are some cover shots that were taken and they look stunning, I love the splash of the heroes theme color(s) on them, with Murdock, there's the red for Daredevil, Jessica Jones has purple and blue, Luke Cage has Yellow, and Danny Rand has green for Iron Fist.

An image of the Defenders chilling on the back of a truck, or are they Netflix and chilling.
Apparently, they are going to have a hallway fight against a threat.
In this image, which is straight from the series, Jessica Jones is being interrogated by Misty Knight, possibly to help get Luke Cage out of prison, or she was caught going on a case in Harlem.
Luke Cage is being escorted through a prison, following up from his solo series.The first episode, or possibly couple of episodes will have Luke Cage being taken out of prison with the help of lawyer Matt Murdock
Danny Rand is on a helicopter pad looking in distress, possibly arrive in NYC via helicopter only to find it being attacked.The lady behind him, I don't if she is pivotal to the Defenders series, or she might first appear in the Iron Fist series.

Here is Sigourney Weaver the villain of the defenders, her character has been revealed to be named Alexandra.Nothing else has been revealed of the character, but I have done some digging and I found a character that has the first name of Alex, and nothing much came up
There was an exoskeleton pilot, which I doubt Miss Weaver is playing.She might be a twist on a character from the comics.

But that is all the stuff from the Entertainment Weekly issues this week with the Defenders, and there were great pictures in the issue.It is kind of weird that there weren't an Iron Fist issues first and this Defenders issue came out closer to the to when the show drops.But anyway, I would like to hear your thoughts down in the comments below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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