Season 2 Episode 9:

In this episode of Legends of Tomorrow, the legends find Rip Hunter and they also meet George Lucas, so spoilers ahead.

The first part of the episode is the Waverider being destroyed in episode 2 and Rip gets a piece of wood, which is part of the spare of destiny, but we go to present day where the Legends are learning of the spare of destiny and they find out that it can rewrite reality.

The Legion of Doom tracking down Rip Hunter who is a film student named Philip and he has no idea that he is Rip Hunter, but he still retains memories as he is directing a film based on the adventures of the legends, and he is making it alongside George Lucas.
Damien and Malcolm, kill some motorcyclist which create an aberration which the legends pick up and track.Damien and Malcolm find Philip and are going to capture him but the Legends come to save him, and George Lucas gets scared off, but then the cops come and Phillip is taken.
Back on the waverider Nate and Ray are losing their knowledge of the strengths, being history and engineering, Gideon then picks up an error in the timeline where George Lucas never made movies, so no Star Wars and Indiana Jones.
Sarah, Martin, and Mick go to break Phillip out of the police station, they get on the rooftop where Philip is freaking out where he denies that existence of time travel but then the rest of the team pulls up with the Waverider and Phillip faints, but Damien and Malcolm come and open fire on the team and the Legends escape.

On the Waverider, Jackson gets a hold of the script of the film that Phillip was working on and it is based on the adventures the legends had, and they find out that Rip/Phillip has a piece of the spare of destiny which is a prop for his film and Lucas had put the props in the trash when Rip was taken by the cops and he was giving up on filmmaking.

Ray and Nate go find George Lucas and persuade him to make movies again, but George doesn't listen, but Amaya gives George Lucas a new hope speech and even though she's from the past she still inspires George Lucas, they go back to the film student rooms but Damien and Malcolm come and capture them, and Malcolm takes Amaya's necklace, they ask for the spare of destiny, but George Lucas put it in the trash, so Malcolm and Damien take the four to the dump yard where they are put in a trash compactor to find the piece of the spare of destiny, which George Lucas finds but Amaya tells him to not give it to the legion.The trash compactor starts closing in.
Ray and Nate tell George Lucas to keep making movies, George Lucas says it out loud and then Nate has his powers and Ray has his suit and the four get out of the trash compactor.The Sarah and Jackson come in and help the others take down Damien and Malcolm, and Amaya gets her amulet back.The Reverse Flash then comes in and the legends are about to go up against the Legion of Doom.But then Phillip comes in dressed as Rip and he has a gun held up at the Legion, but it's stuck, but the Waverider controlled by Gideon comes in and shoots at the legion, the Reverse Flash takes Phillip and the legends get to safety as well as George Lucas.

While that was going on Mick told Martin that he had been seeing Leonard, so martin does brain surgery and takes out a chip in his brain that the time masters put in, but it is not working so Mick is just hallucinating.

The ending of the episode is of Ray, Nate, and Amaya sitting on the Waverider and are going to binge all of George Lucas's movies.
But the ending of the episode is Phillip about to be tortured by the Legion, but the Legends did manage to get the compass back.

My favorite scene in the episode was all the Star Wars and Indiana Jones references, and these are all the ones I fond are

  • The title of the episode is titled "Raiders of the lost art" like the first Indiana Jones film "Raiders of the lost ark'
  • The year George Lucas wins awards in the alternate timeline are the years that the films in the original trilogy came out
  • George looked at Malcolm gun which looks like a blaster
  • Amaya said at the end of her speech "you're the world's hope" which is reminiscent of Leia's speech in the original Star Wars "your my only hope"
  • Malcolm did the classic storm troopers death scream when he was shot by the Waverider
  • George, Amaya, Ray and Nate were trapped in a trash compactor like Luke, Leia, Chewie, and Han were in the original Star Wars, which is my favorite scene
There were probably many more so if you noticed any let me know by dropping a comment below.

The stand out character of the episode for me was Matt Angel as young George Lucas, he was great in the episode and definitely a standout guest star in the series.
I also like the return of Rip Hunter as Philip, I feel like they are two separate people and I kind of felt sorry for Phillip at the end because he has no idea what is going on.

This episode was a great episode, it had George Lucas who was awesome, and there were so many easter eggs it was great.I did wish at the end when Reverse Flash told Philip he was going to be tortured I wish Leonard walked out, that would have been a great cliffhanger.I will give this episode an 8.7 out of 10.Leave your thoughts on the episode dow below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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