The new Logan trailer has come out and it is awesome, there aren't a whole lot of different scenes in the trailer, they are all just long scenes cut up a bit, so don't be upset if there aren't a whole lot of different frames in the breakdown, but let's do it...

This first scene in the trailer is of X-23 going to a convenience store and taking some pringles and a soda, and then she goes a little bat sh*t crazy or wolf sh*t crazy on the guy who tells her she has to pay, but then Logan steps in and stops her.Here we see that the whole world isn't a nuclear wasteland like I thought it would be, and it seems like Logan has been taking care of X-23 for a while as he steps in and talks to her like a father figure

So here we see Logan take X-23 back to their hotel room, where professor X is.Logan takes out the comics he stole from the convenience store and they are X-Men comics, the one we see doesn't actually exist in the real world, but Logan says that only 25% of that comic is real and that people die, suggesting that all his friends died, like Storm, Cyclops, Jean Grey

Next, we see this gang trying to get a hold of X-23, they could be working for Essex who created X-23, and they are trying to get her back.But Logan tries to stop them and a soldier goes into the barn where Logan and X-23 were chilling, but X-23 beats the crap out of the guy.But then she walks up to the rest of the soldiers and she pulls out her two claws and she goes crazy

This next shot seems like Logan, X-23, and Charles make an escape in this limousine, and they are probably going to be tracked down by these Essex corp guys

I like this scene where Charles is saying that X-23 is the help that they need, Logan doesn't see it in her, but Charles does

This is such an awesome scene, the money shot of Logan pulling out his claws, this scene is probably after Logan pulls out the X-Men comics in the second scene, as he is wearing the same clothes and it is a hotel-like setting

I have no idea where Logan is waking up here, it seems very industrial as he is lying on a metal plate or something, it could be the Essex cooperation has taken him, hostage

Here we see Charles having a voice over saying a voice over of "this is what life is like, people that love each other." and here we see Charles, this guy sitting next to him, Logan and X-23 having dinner, I have no idea who the guy sitting next to Charles is

Here we have the Essex corps, guys taking on Logan in a forest, this seems like the big third act of the film, and it looks awesome

Back at the hotel here is Professor X looking out a window which has a white glare, it's an explosion which leads off to the money shot of Logan pulling out the claws like in the thumbnail, we also see X-23 crawling on the floor, probably escaping gunfire from the Essex corp soldiers.

Now, this is awesome, Logan taking on some soldiers while X-23 jumps through the air going to stab some other dudes

Overall, this is such an awesome trailer, I am super hyped for the movie and I can't wait to see X-23.Let me know what I missed in the trailer down below, also leave your thoughts on the trailer down below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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