So it has appeared that Geoff Johns posted this tweet on his twitter which listed all the dc tv shows Arrow, the Flash, Supergirl, Legends of tomorrow, Gotham, and Lucifer more coming soon.Then the tweet is ended with "One which will be announced soon...."
So Geof Johns just confirmed a new DC tv show, he said that it will be announced soon, but I can't wait that long, so we are going to go through the possibilities.

They have already announced/teased a few more shows which aren't definite but they are Krypton (a prequel on krypton (basically Gotham in space but without Superman), and Black Lighting.

I have a few ideas myself of a couple of shows they could do, those being

  • Justice Society of America
The JSA has already been developed on Legends so it would be cool to have a JSA tv show, this could be actually be based in the flarrow verse however on earth 3 with Jay Garrick, and the other JSA members from Earth 1 are there and also possibly, Guy Gardiner Green Lantern
  • Teen Titans
A titans show was being developed by TNT, but it feel, though, there are characters that could be used from the other shows for this show like kid flash, but they would have to use Robin, Raven, Starfire, Beast Boy and Cyborg, and Cyborg is in the movies so he is off limits
  • Green Lantern
Green Lantern has nothing going on in the movies, and it seems like it may stay that way, so DCTV could do what they did with the Flash and just give him a tv show, and if the character test well, maybe he can get his own movie.
  • Birds of Prey
This is a show that I would love to have, Birds of Prey, not all the characters would be the same, there would still be Black canary or Black Siren, who could lead the group and Nyssa Al Ghul could be in the group along with Katan (I think Katana is still alive in the tv shows), and present day vixen could show up as well.

But it is most likely that Geoff Johns and the DCTV unit are going to announce Krypton which could be a CW or Fox show like Gotham.Or they could announce their black lighting show which would be cool to see a new hero in the universe with his own show hopefully in the CW hero verse.The show would probably be on Thursday if on the CW, as Legends of Tomorrow is not on Thursdays anymore but Tuesday's straight after the Flash.

Anyway, leave your thoughts on what new DCTV show you would like to see or if you have any of your own ideas be sure to let me know by dropping a comment below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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