So Nintendo had its press conference last night where they showed off so many new games including, Zelda: breath of the wild, Mario Oddessy, many more games, and of course the Nintendo Switch,  so let's get into it.

So first the Nintendo switch, it is going to be released on March the 3rd and will retail for $299.There are going to be 2 styles of the console, one which is black and gray and the other has one blue remote and one red remote for two players.
Zelda Breath of the Wild, wow, that game looks incredible, the story line seems interesting and there is so much drama in the game, Zelda is looking stressed out and also looks like a bad ass, the graphics in this game look on point, and I am excited to see the story of this game and hopefully play it.

The next game revealed is Super Mario Odyssey, this game looks so fun,m Mario is in New York jumping around, there is a forest map and the story once again is Bowser has captured princess peach.But the game still looks fun like the classic super Mario bros.

This next game is an original game from Nintendo which is called Arms, it is basically a boxing game where the players have gigantic gloves that can stretch all the way across the battle arena.The game is also motion sensed, so you move your arms in real life to box, which is awesome and is a part of the Wii that I loved, especially in the Wii sports boxing.
I will try to pick up this game when it comes out.

The trailer for Splatoon 2 came out at the presentation and it looks pretty cool, I enjoyed the first Splatoon game somewhat, and I am looking forward to the second game.

This is a teaser for fire emblem warriors game, the fire emblem series is a series I have not played, but if you like it, well, here's the teaser.

This next game is Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and this looks so awesome, especially the ending of the trailer with the tree in the sky and then this white dragon pops out of nowhere, it looks awesome.

Here is the Super Bomberman R trailer, it looks fun and enjoyable, but something I'm most likely not going tot play.

Here we have Puyo Puyo Tetris which is a Tetris game but it is multiplayer and there are these cute little creatures in some modes which are substitutes for blocks.This game isn't something I would personally buy, but others might, and it seems to be aimed more at very young kids.

This isn't a game but is a new feature that Nintendo is releasing for the switch, that is parental controls, there is going to be an app for which parents can use time restrictions, and the commercial sued Bowser and his kid which is cool.This is a reason for parents to buy the switch because it's showing that their ios all this power for the parents, unlike other consoles.
It's a good idea if this is something that parents need.

This is the multiplayer aspect of the Switch, this trailer shows that there are these simple games using quick reflexes that you can play with other people which is cool.This is an additional game that you cam buy, which is ashae, I feel like this is the type of game which could have been included with the console.

There is a new Sonic game coming out on the switch and it is a brand new game inspired off the very first Sonic Game.There is brand new levels and they look awesome, I enjoyed the first game, that is one of my favorite video games of all time, so I am super excited to play this.

The final game announced is Mario Kart 8 deluxe.This game looks amazing, I played Mario Kart 7 on the Wii so much, it was awesome, but this game has Link as a playable character as well as the Splatoon ink kids.So there is so much in this game that I am looking forward to, and I will definitely try to get it.

Overall, there are so many games coming to the Nintendo Switch, I will hopefully get the switch, maybe not in March but possibly on my birthday in August.Ther are some great games coming to the switch, I am looking forward to Zelda the breath of the wild the most, then Mario Odyssey, and Sonic Mania.
I would really like to hear your thoughts on the Nintendo Switch and if you ar going to get, also let me know down in the comments below what Switch games you are most excited for, as always thanks for reading, take care.

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