The trailer for the Power Rangers movie has come out and it shows a lot, more like spoils a lot, but here we go...

We have Jason doing a voice over saying that none of the rangers know each other well, then Kimberly says that all the rangers are screw ups
We then see the kids find the coins and then they start glowing in their respective colors in the water.I really loved the joke that Billy made Zack, it is also a nice joke to all that controversy saying "how can they swap all the colors, it's not like to rangers I used to know"
 So this is Bryan Cranston as Zordon, it looks really weird, me personally I don't like all the pins, it would be cool if it was a hologram, but in saying that change isn't a bad thing
 I love the kid's reactions to Zordon telling them that they are power readers
 Here is the first look at Alpha 5 he looks, different, but as I said before, change isn't necessarily bad
 Trini being asked to pee in a cup, I'm glad that this an approach that they used on at least on one the rangers, instead of the parents being like yeah right, in your imagination you saw a spaceship
 The Power Rangers in training I liked how Zach
 Okay, I don't get this shot, it has been in most of the trailers but what's the point of kicking air
 Rita with her glowing green eyes going to seduce Kimberly
 Rita commanding her army of rock monsters that she created with her staff, and now she is stereotypically terrorizing the city
 Here is Rita without the green Suit, but she still has the green power coin, but look at it in the staff, it is fading, maybe she is losing her full power here
 The money shot, the rangers all suited up heading out for battle
 This is so awesome, the just reminds me of the classic tv show from the 90's but made with modern day technology.
 Billy kicking ass
 Oh heck yeah, the rangers have their vehicles going to go up against what though
 Oh, Goldar, I knew he was in the film from toy leaks but I wish he wasn't in this trailer and this was kept a surprise, but I am looking forward to seeing him
 Jason saving his dad from his car in the heat of the battle, I'm guessing the Rangers are going to have a redemption arc to redeem themselves to the loved ones they have hurt or let down
Kimberly attacking Goldar in her jet, you cant really see the face of Goldar but there is a red glow for his eyes
Ok this is awesome, Megazord is in the film, and he is going up aginst Goldar, I'm buying my tickets.This is awesome, I can't wait to see this fight on the big screen

Overall, this trailer is great, I wish they held back on a couple of things like the reveal of Goldar or Megazord, they should have shown one or the other, not both, now I feel like there is no surprise in the movie.
I am also mad at the film from this trailer, they are putting in a one-dimensional CG army in a city, I wouldn't have minded if the rock monsters were fighting the rangers on the rocks when Billy was kicking one of them, and then in the city Goldar showed up and the Rangers went to the city to fight Goldar.That's how it could have gone, I just see the critics saying this has the stereotypical superhero plot.
But anyway, I would like to hear your thoughts on this trailer down below, or anything else I missed.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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