I don't know if you know this, but I was a day one Regular Show fan, since 2010, I have loved that show but the show has sadly ended and it was a great ending so spoiler ahead, please check out the episode, the finale is great, I'm not going to recap it but I want to discuss a couple of things,, but SPOILERS ahead.

The episode was so meta, with everything turning into notepads like the fourth wall was breaking, and I loved how Pops saw the black and white cartoon, that is the first concept of the character which was created a long time back. I also appreciated the last words anti-pops said, "I take back the one-star review." because the show got really bad reviews at the begging.But the show went all out knowing that this was the end, 

The ending of the episode was great, I have mixed feelings about Mordecai's fate, he didn't end up with Margret or CJ, I guess it was good that he ended up with someone else just so there was no rivalry, it was bittersweet, it was good that the rivalry was put aside, but at the same time the show put in so much time to deal with this rivalry and we didn't see the end game.
But I would like to know what happened to Margrett and CJ.

All the other characters fates were great, Rigby and Eileen got it on, Hi-five ghost had the best fate, being a DJ with his wife and all.
muscle man got it on, a lot with Starla, and Skips and Benson stayed at the park, I did wish Benson had someone to greet him off the park when it landed, like whatever happened to the girl who lived across from his apartment? 

But we do have to talk about the death of Pops.It was a great death scene, Pops accepted that he was going to die and he had a peaceful goodbye, and he sent a great sentimental message to Mordecai and Rigby.
But the last frames of the show were great with Pops in heaven pulling out the classic Regular Show VHS tape and saying "jolly good show."

Overall, the finale for Regular Show was a wonderful goodbye to the characters and cast, and that show will hold a great place in my heart.I wish I got to review it more, but I'm not going to repeat this mistake again, so I am going to review Adventure Time starting January 23rd when Season 8 premiers, and that should hopefully just be additional to what I am doing, so don't worry it will all be good.
The final logan trailer is coming out today so I am going to do a breakdown, and then I also have the Arrow trailer the breakdown, so a lot of stuff is happening.
I would like to hear your thoughts on the Regular Show finale, I will give the series as a total a 9 out of 10.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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