Wow, the trailer for the back half of season 3 has come out for Star Wars rebels and there is so much in the trailer from returning planets, connections to Rogue One and what I predicted of Obi-Wan Kenobi is shown in the trailer, so let's break it down ...

 The opening shot of the trailer has Ezra on board the ghost and he is awakened by the Jedi Holocron with the message from Obi-Wan, which appeared in episode 1 of Rebels
 A new Imperial fighter with three wings, I don't know what this is called but if you do let me know by leaving a comment
 This is a quick frame in the trailer but it is of Ezra holding and activating the Holocron, possibly to track Obi-Wan Kenobi
 Zeb is fighting this droid (or possibly bounty hunter) and this droid/bounty hunter is later seen kicking Chopper.This may be a scrapped design of a separatist droid that has been activated, or it could be a bounty hunter dressed as a droid
 The ghost ship is heading towards Jeddah, the planet in Rogue One which had the Khyber Crystals being mined out of it, The ghost are most likely finding Saw Gerrera, it would be cool if they see Baze and Chirrut chilling on the streets
 Saw has found what appears to be Imperial bombs, these may be stored on board a star destroyer that is seen later in the trailer on Jeddah exploding
 The Imperial officers with Thrawn making a move on Jeddah, it seems like the targets on the planet is where other Empire vessels are operating to gather Khyber crystals
 Death Troopers are finally on the show, they are guarding Thrawn, and it makes sense that they are like they will for Krennic because both have the white uniform
 Saw on board the ghost talking to Ezra and Kanan about the Empire hinding importatnt Information (Death Star?)
Thrawn is calling out a spy inside the empire who goes by the name of Fulcrum, this is agent Kallus, and it appears in this frame that he is going to be joining the ghost crew
Mon Mothma is back, and she is building the full-blown empire, so all the set up that has been going on with rebels, with stealing ships and recruiting pilots is all getting paid off.
This is the star destroyer I was talking about early on Jeddah getting blown up
A Grand Moft Tarkin hologram
The empire being attacked by the rebellion, not by groups of rebels or extremist
Kanan, Rex and Ezra fighting their way through Separatist droids, this is where Saw Gerrera saves them
Sabine, Kanan, and Ezra on the Mandalorian homeworld with Mandalorian coming at them
I believe this may be Sabine's mother, and Sabine won her over by bringing home the dark saber, then we realize that she is going to rule the Mandalorians and get them to go against the Empire.
Sabine might not proceed with this in the season and she might lead the Mandalorians but not against the Empire or Rebellion, but keep a neutral side, otherwise there would be a lot of Mandalorians in the original trilogy if they sided with the Rebellion.
Kanan training Sabine on how to use the dark saber
Since Sabine isn't forced sensitive she has a few tricks up her sleeve
This shot looks awesome, I can't wait to see Sabine kick ass with the Dark Saber in the series
Zab, saw, Rex and Ezra fighting off who knows what, it could be separatist droid
The rebel fleet going up against the Empire
These are the Mandalorian Imperials, so it's cool that they are coming back in the season, they might sway many other Mandalorians to join them in the Empire and they may turn Mandalorians aginst Sabine
Sabine using a holographic shield like Phil Coulson did in Agents of SHIELD
This appears to be Chopper or a droid that looks similar that is exploding, I have know idea how this is happening, power overload?
Thrawn getting some exercise, which is showing off how
 Is this the ghost flying over Mustafa, possibly going to sneak into Vader's castle
Thrawn contacting the Rebels that he is going to defeat them
sabine appears to be going up aginst another Mandalorian who has the dark saber, she is most likely getting challenged on holding the Saber
This scene is confusing me, is this Ezra using the force to block oncoming fire, or is the rebellion shooting something in the sky and the light is too strong for Ezra to handle
An awesome shot of Ezra in a space suit with his saber deflecting oncoming blast, I don't know if this is a rebel ship or an Imperial ship
Ezra running away from tie fighter fire
In the name of the force, heck yeah! Obi-Wan sitting beside a fire on Tatooine
Darth Maul shows up and ignites his saber wanting a duel
Obi-Wan looking as Alec Guinness as ever brings out his saber getting ready to duel with Maul.That is going to be an awesome showdown, the rebel crew is most likely going to help Kenobi fight Maul

Overall, this trailer was insane, I love the reveal of Obi-Wan, they could have left that tease with just him sitting by the fire.I would like to know your thoughts on this trailer, or if there is anything I missed let me know by dropping a comment below.As always, thanks for reading,
 and may the force be with you
                                                  ... always

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