Season 2 Episode 9:
All the tv shows are coming back on air this week and it has started off with Supergirl.The episode is a really great episode, so beware of spoilers ahead.

The episode is about Kara taking leads on a missing person case, alongside her is Mon-El, they both find a doctor which missing people last saw and they discover that he has a portal that leads to a new planet with a red sun, therefore Kara and Mon-El can not use their powers.
The portal closes and the two meet an alien who explains to them, that they are on a slave planet, and Kara decides to help.

Back at the DEO, Alex tracks down the portal on Earth and she is going to get in a team to rescue Kara and Mon.Martian Manhunter can not go as the gas on the planet is poisonous to Martians, but Winn comes on the mission to open and close the portal, but Winn is reluctant to go as earlier in the episode he was nearly killed by a criminal while on a mission with the Guardian.
Back with Kara and Mon-El, they find the place where all the slaves are and Kara sees the missing girl she was taking leads on, then Roulette walks into the room and she tells Supergirl that she walked into her trap and that she found a new profession into human trafficking, the doctor that Kara and Mon were tricked by earlier walk in and then a Dominator walks into the room and is willing to by the humans, and Kara makes a joke abut how she hates the dominators.

Supergirl, Mon, and the prisoners uprise against Roulette and the doctor and trap them in a cell, and they fight their way out of the prison, on the way Mon trips up but the Dominator calls off an alien that was about to shot and the Dominator says that he has some kind of respect for Mon.

Supergirl, Mon, and the prisoners find the DEO team and they get their way back to the portal, where Winn knocks out an alien.An alien takes a prisoner and Supergirl goes after her, then Alex throws a grenade towards Supergirl and it's a yellow sun ray bomb so Kara gets her powers back, and she saves the day and also blows up a space ship.
Everyone gets back to earth as well as the alien that gave Supergirl and Mon the knowledge of what was on the planet.

Mon goes to Supergirl's apartment and says that he wants to be s superhero like her, to keep the world spinning.
The episode ends with the aliens who are wanting to capture Mon going to the prison where they question the doctor, who says that he is on Earth, then the aliens obliterate him with a blaster.

My favorite scene in the episode was the end with the aliens wanting Mon knowing that he is on Earth because I really want to know what their beef is with Mon, was he one of their prisoners, and what is up with the Dominator saying that Mon is important, did he do something bad, was it because the prince Daxam sacrificed himself for Mon?
 But I am excited to see Mon finally train with Supergirl, I feel like this has been dragged on for a little too long, and I hope he at least gets a suit at the end of the next episode.

The stand out character of the episode for me was Chris Wood as Mon-El, I liked how he had these heroic saves in the episode, and I can't wait to see what is in store with the character for the rest of the season.
I did enjoy Jeremy Jordan as Winn this episode, the charter faced some boundaries that he had o overcome which was a great mini arch for the character.

Overall, Supergirl lives is a great episode which Kevin Smith did a great job as.I will give the episode an 8.5 out of 10.I wish that there was a litttle more of Kara and Mon in prison, and I feel like that the Alex storyline needs to come to a close, meaning that they need to stop with her having struggles, but I suppose it is for realism.
I would like to hear your thoughts on the episode down below in the comments.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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