Season 2 Episode 10:

Spoilers ahead, Livewire is back and Kara finds out the identity of the Guardian, there were two plot lines

The episode is about Livewire being broken out of prison and Kara wants to go hunt down her arch nemesis.She trains Mon-El to become a hero and the two track Livewire down where she is going crazy on some cops, Mon-El is supposed to protect the cops but goes to save Kara.The Guardian shows up to save the cops but he gets knocked over by Livewire, kara goes to take off the Guardians mask and she finds out the Jimmy is the Guardian.
Everyone goes back to the DEO base without Livewire who is still at large.Kara and Jimmy have an argument on how he shouldn't be a vigilante and Jimmy goes on about how Mon-El only cares about himself and that he left the cops without protection.
Kara then goes and finds Mon-El and she tells him that he shouldn't be a hero.
Winn manages to find out the location of the Livewire, so he calls up Jimmy and the two go to her location, Jimmy finds Livewire has been captured and she is being used for her powers and a clone of her has been created as well as a cop who has electricity powers.Jimmy is about to be captured but Mon-El comes in and saves Jimmy but the doctor experimenting on livewire comes out and zaps the two with his own powers.Winn calls up kara and tells her that Jimmy and Mon may have been captured, so she suits up and goes to save her friends.
Kara releases Jimmy and Mon from their cuffs and the two take on the livewire clone and the electric policeman, while Supergirl breaks free the real Livewire and stops her from killing the doctor, and Kara lets Livewire leave in order fro her not to kill the doctor.
Back at the DEO Kara tells Jimmy and Winn that they can keep on doing what they are doing but she doesn't want to be a part of it.

The other storyline in the episode was of Miss Martian in her cell was having some nightmares and she needed medical attention, so Alex suggest the idea to Martian Manhunter to connect with her mind but he refuses, but he eventually does and he shares a memory with her of the slaughter of the green Martians, and Martian Manhunter forgives her because she helped the green Martians.
Ther two but their differences aside and Miss Martian isn't beeing put back in a cell, but she thinks that the White Martians are coming after her because of the crimes she committed to them in the war.

The ending of the episode is of Mon revealing to kara that he knew he kissed her when he was sick,. but then he friend zoned her.

My favorite scene in the episode was of Kara finding out Jimmy is the Guardian.I got the sense that she doesn't want him to be the Guardian for his own safety, but I did wish that he was reddemed in her eyes becuase Kara could have had a moment where humans can also be heroes, like Oliver Queen, she even said in the crossover my Earth could use and Oliver Queen, and Jimmy is a regular person who doesn't want to be helpless and goes out fighting crime because its the right thing to do.

The stand out charter of the episode for me was, of course, Brit Morgan as Livewire, she plays the character so comically, I love it whenever the character comes on the show, the way that the relationship between her and kara played out reminded me of the Flash and Captain Cold on the Flash tv show, where they can come to a middle ground but they are still enemies.

Overall, this episode of Supergirl was great, I loved Livewire returning and I liked the reaction kara had to Jimmy being the Guardian.I will give this episode an 8 out of 10.Leave your thougthts on the episode down below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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