Season 3 Episode 10:

This episode of the Flash was what I felt the show needed, an episode which did deal with a darker theme, but still had a lighter tone to the episode, bringing Flash to what it was like in season 1.BVut in this episode there were mainly three plot threads so I will go over them all, so spoilers ahead.

The episode is basically about Barry has been having nightmares about what happens to Iris in the future, and the plunderer comes around and Barry is reluctant to fight him as he knows that he capture the Plunderer in the future, but Wally captures the Plunder, which is recorded on camera and Barry gets pissed, because he thought Wally screwed up the future by capturing the Plunderer.
Barry then comes around to tell Iris where she freaks out, but then they tell the rest of team Flash (except Joe) about the future, so Cisco vibes barry back to the future where they get a list of all the headlines from the new in the future, in that flashforward, present Barry sees HR with a gun aiming at Savitar, so that is a new change.
The team gets a list of all the events in the future which I will go over later.
Joe tells team Flash that the Plunderer escaped Iron Height prison so Barry apologizes to Wally and they go out to stop the Plunderer, they track down where he is from the future news report.After a motorbike chase through Central City, Wally captures the Plunderer and he gets some cheered on by the public and is officially known now as the Kid Flash.So this avoids the future news with Kid Flash capturing Plunderer instead of the Flash.The visual effects used of barry and Wally running was really well done.

During the episode Caitlin was visiting Julian trying to get his help to get rid of her powers as the bracelets she has are running out of power more frequently, Caitlin also asks Julian if he would like to join team Flash, but he gets to Star Labs and the rest of team Flash tell him that they will see if he can join.

Also, happening in the episode was HR creating the Star Labs museum featuring a faulty Cisco hologram.On the opening night, no one shows up except for Julian where he follows up on Caitlin's offer that I mentioned previously.Towards the end of the episode, Cisco fixes the hologram of himself and gives an elementary school a discounted tour at the museum.

The end scene is of Barry and Iris having a house warming party where everyone comes, Julian even comes and is accepted on the team, Julian even gives Caitlin a gift which he and Cisco worked on, and it is a solar powered necklace which will neutralize Caitlin's powers.
But at the party HR gives Barry a pet turtle, and he has a toast for Barry and Iris and everyone seems happy.

The final teaser scene is a wormhole opening and this lady comes out and she pulls out her hand a hologram comes out of it and it is HR.I believe that this Gypsy who is an authority figure that has been tasked to find HR, as HR may have done something terrible on Earth 19 like forgery or he is needed back on Earth 19 for something.

But the reveal of all the future headlines was awesome, it was probably my favorite part of the episode, below is a list of all of them, and then I will break them down

  • Plunderer arrest
  • Music Meister gets 6 figure book deal
  • Luigi's opens after murder
  • Joe West honored at City hall
  • Killer Fost still at large
  • Star Lab museum closes
  • City still recovering following Gorilla attack

Plunderer arrest

So the first thing on the list has been solved, Kid Flash has captured the Plunderer, not the Flash.

Music Meister gets 6 figure book deal
Music Meister gets a six figure book deal, we know that the Musical Meister is going to be the villain of the Supergirlirl and Flash musical crossover, but it seems as tough his crimes might go unnoticed by the authorities as he is getting a book deal and is not in Iron Height or in the Star Labs prison.

Luigi's opens after murder

Luigi's opens after a murder, this seems like a regular headline that could have been done by any muderer not specifically a flash Rogue, but the murder is something the team might have to investigate.

Joe West honored at City hall

Joe West is honored, so it seems like Joe is going to do a public heroic act of who knows what.

Killer Fost still at large

Killer Forst still at large, this is the second thing that team Flash has to prevent which is Caitlin going full Frost.In the season she will turn full Killer rest and turn on the team, who knows if she will side with Savitar, that would be interesting, but I feel like they will keep her storyline separate from the Savitar storyline.

Star Lab museum closes

Star Labs museum closes, well this could be that there is no funding left for the museum or Star Labs is too much of a high secure place and it closes for the safety of the people, or it closes because HR opens up the Flash museum

City still recovering following Gorilla attack

The last headline is "the city still recovering from Gorilla attack", this means Gorilla Grodd coming g back, and how the word Gorilla is used, it could be a plural so this could hint at multiple Gorrials,  or Gorillas city vs Central City, that would be insane.

The character relations in the episode were great, everyone had great chemistry, I feel like that the show is building towards a Caitlin and Julian relationship possibly, but I don't want her to be the character that has a revolving door of love interests.
But I do like the relationship they are creating with barry and Wally, it's more light-hearted, which is the way it should be.

Overall this episode was great I really enjoyed this episode and there were so many plot lines that were set up, I am looking forward to the Killer Forst storyline in the season to come.I will give this episode an 8.5 out of 10.I would like to hear your thoughts on the episode down below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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