Season 3 Episode 11:

This episode of the Flash we see Cisco go full Vibe and use his powers aginst a duel with Gypsy for possession of HR, there were three storylines in the episode, so spoilers ahead for the episode.

The episode is about Gypsy, from Earth 19 coming to Earth 1 to collect HR.Gypsy breaks into the coffee shop and grabs a coin that HR gave and she vibes his location.Barry is investigating this crime and HR tells the team at Star Labs that she coming to collect him as he broke a law of inter-dimensional traveling when he came to Earth 1, HR also tells the team that if he goes back to Earth 1 he will be executed or someone can combat the law enforcer by trial to death.She comes to Star Labs and Wally tries to stop her but she manages to use some insane vibe powers to stop his super speed.

Cisco then uses his vibe powers and tries to get a date with her, but she takes HR.Gypsy is stopped by Cisco and Barry and Cisco challenges her to trial by combat for possession of HR, and he has 24 hours to train.So Jillian, Caitlin, Barry, and HR go train Cisco, but it isn't woking out so well.So Barry and HR go and try capture Gypsy, but she handcuffs Barry and is about to take HR, but Barry says that Cisco will hold;d up his end of the deal, and that not participating in the duel will mean that Gypsy is breaking the law in Earth 19, Gypsy says that she will face Cisco but she will take HR in the mean time and she leaves with HR.

Back at Star Labs Cisco is mad at barry for going behind his back, but Cisco just tells barry he is afraid and Barry tells him that he relies on Cisco and the others, Jillian then comes in the room and he reveals Gypsy's weakness, when she comes out of the portal she is off the ground which means she is out of balance for a little bit.

In the begging of the episode Barry and Wally take down some arms dealers which apparently have some other ties to criminals, and Iris wanting to make a reporting legacy for herself before she potentially dies, goes to follow up on this story, she gates Wally to tag along and the two go to a warehouse, Iris is nearly killed but Wally saves her.Back at Star Labs, Joe is angry at Iris and Wally for chasing on this story, but Iris doesn't tell him about the future.But towards the end of the episode, Iris writes an article on it setting a legacy for herself, that she will be remembered for.

In the episode, the team builds a 3D model of the future with Savitar out of legos.Jilian points out how Barry will have to increase his speed at an impossible rate to beast Savitar, more on that later.

The big night is here and Cisco goes to face Gypsy, they start fighting with their vibe powers but the two go to Earth 2, and then Earth 38 where they are in Jimmy's office and the assistant hides behind a chair while Cisco and Gypsy are fighting.
Then the two go to a lava earth where Gypsy has Cisco pinned to the ground but he opens a breach back to Earth 1 where he makes his move and blasts Gypsy while she's off her balance.Gypsy gets knocked down and Cisco tells her that he won, and Gypsy asks him if he is going to kill her, but Cisco says "no that's not how we do it on our Earth."
and Cisco helps Gypsy up.
Back at Star Labs Gypsy is ready to go back home with a lot of coffee, and she is going to tell Earth 19 that she killed HR so that it doesn't make her look bad and that he isn't a fugitive, so that means the HR can't go back to Earth 19.But Gypsy and Cisco say their goodbye's and just before they kiss Gypsy vibes back to Earth 19.

The episode ends with Barry walking into the room where Wally is training and he tells him that he is getting fast, nearly up to Mach 3.Barry tells Wally that he can't save Iris for Savitar but Wally can.

The ending scene was by far my favorite we know that the in the visions Wally has been absent from the scenario.So with Barry telling Wally, he has to save Iris, will that change the future, or will Wally get injured sometime in the season, like seriously injured and that explains his absence.
Ok this might be a stretch but I mentioned before that Oliver saved Wally in the crossover, so what if team Arrow needs a speedster so Wally goes over to help them with whatever, but in doing so the scenario plays out, Savitar kills Iris and barry gets mad at Wally and team Arrow, and possibly DCEU civil war?
But Wally has to be trained because Barry can't get fast enough to stop Savitar, pointed out by Jillian, but with Wally increasing his speed he can manage to save Iris from Savitar

I also did enjoy the Vibe vs Gypsy fight and seeing the full extent of Cisco's powers was really cool.

The stand out character of the episode for me was Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon/ Vibe.All of Cisco's characteristics were played out, him going for the dangerous brunette, Cisco being a bad ass and him putting his life on the line to save others.Carlos Valdes did a great job in the episode along with Jessica Camacho as Gypsy, I loved seeing Gypsy on screen and I think she will come back on the show, wether that be this season or next season.
I also did enjoy Tom Cavanagh as HR, the character really opened up and I did like the very begging of the episode with him creating a story in his head.But I do like the aspect of Harrison Wells this season, previously team Flash relied on Harrison Wells and now Harrison Wells has to rely on team flash.

Overall, this episode was a great episode that expanded on the characters of Cisco and HR and has also teased us that Wally may be the hero of the season.I will give the episode an 8.7 out of 10.Comment below on your favoite paret from the episode.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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