Season 4 Episode 13:

On Agents of SHIELD we learn who Aida is based off, there were two storylines I will cover them both, so spoilers ahead, let's recap.

In the world episode, Shockwave, the watchdog leader tries to make Senator Nadeer and Inhuman, but in doing so he becomes an Inhuman, and then the whole office they were in explodes, killing Senator Nadeer.
Daisy, Fitz, Simmons, and Jeffery go and investigate the crime scene, but they do find on security cams that Shockwave was in the office earlier.So Daisy and a squad of SHIELD agents capture Shockwave and put him on the bus.Fitz and Simmons do some more test on the bus and find out that there was an Inhuman she'll on the scene, and that Shockwave is an exploding inhuman, they warn the others, and Jeffery along with Fitz tackle Shockwave into the containment pod and eject it before Shockwave explodes.
Shockwave lands on the ground and blows up a diner, so SHIELD comes.Fitz and Simmons built a storage holding for shockwave and Daisy has to fight him.After exploding him a couple times, Fitz and Simmons come in with the weapon and Shockwave is taken care and of.Then Russian vehicles come in and Jeffery says he will stop them. but the gets captured by Ivanov.

Also happening in the episode, Mack and Phil take a trip to Spain to find the person that Radcliff modeled Aida off.Phil and Mack ask her questions and we learn that she has a brain tumor.
But Phil asks her to draw in Radcliff for May's sake.She does and she meets him outside a car where Radcliff apologizes for leaving her, and he can offer her eternal life in a mainframe, and he already has a successful test subject.She double crosses SHIELD and leaves with Radcliff.
Back on a Quinjet, Mack and Phil are wondering why she left them, but Coulson says that May is still alive because Radcliff mentioned a successful test subject, that being May.

The episode ends with Radcliff plugging his old girlfriend in the mainframe where her conscious is stored virtually, and she dies.Aida then takes her necklace and puts on herself.Then we see may twitch a little bit.

My favorite scene in the episode was the end, Aida seems like she is going to become more like the human version she was modeled off, first by taking the necklace.I wonder how human she will get by the end of the series.And May is getting closer and closer to waking up, which will probably happen later down the road.

I have to say that the stand out star of the episode was Mallory Jensen as Aida, and the woman Aida was modeled off.She nailed in both roles and the human-based Aida was really great to see.She had a sad arch, but she was plugged in the main frame and granted eternal happiness and life, which is bittersweet because it's not real, but it is something you are doing in a way.I hope Mallory Jensen stays on the show as Aida because she isn't the real villain, Radcliff is, and even then it's Ivanov.
Which Ivanov isn't a good villain, Senator Nadeer was good because she had a reason to be made at all this mess, her mother was killed in the Chitarui invasion, where Ivanov, I don't get why he is doing what he is doing.

Overall, Boom is great episode expanding on the character of Aida and who she is modeled off.Mallory Jensen was amazing, but I am sad that they killed off Senator Nadeer, she was a villain with meaning and would have been great for the season villain alongside Radcliff.I will give this episode a 7.5 out of 10.Feel free to leave your thoughts on the episode down below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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