Season 4 Episode 14:

With the Flash and Legends of Tomorrow on break this week there is room for Agents of SHIELD on Tuesday.So spoilers ahead for the episode, and let's recap.

In the episode, Coulson and the team are trying to track down Jeffrey and May.They get a lead to an Alaskan base tracking the patriot suit.but the only things there is the patriot suit and a whole pin board full of pictures of Coulson and red string.Daisy manages to find that Ivanov has a connection to a mine which was a picture on the wall.And Coulson has some flashbacks there where he went on a mission with May and them went to retrieve a weapon but some other soldiers showed up and among them was Ivanov.
The team flies over to the mine where they find some skeletons in a shack and a phone inside a skeleton mouth rings and Coulson answers it and Ivanov and he tells Coulson that he killed the people that are the skeletons, with some uniforms on.Daisy manages to use the numbers on te uniforms of the skeletons and track down where Ivanov might be hiding.So the team gets there and they split up.
Fitz is going to go try break into the main framework of the mainframe.
Simmons and another shield agents, Davis go look for Aida, Nack rescues Jeffery and Coulson faces off against Ivanov who tells Coulson that when he stole the weapon with May in the flashbacks, the men he was working with were killed by their boss because they didn't get the weapon.Coulson says cool origin story bro and Daisy takes on Ivanov.Simmons and Davis try to find Aida but instead see the subprime leave.Coulson and Mack come out to the dock with Jeffery and, Daisy and Fitz come out.Simmons says that May is on that submarine but Coulson says no because they already have a man down.

Back at the base Simmons and Fitz are talking about how the mission felt a little off like when they were all out on the dock it was night time and that there was a brief period whether the communication was down, and that the timing of the whole mission felt off.Simmons gets a notification on the computer saying that there was some history cleared, but Simmons manages to get it back and something was cleared by Coulson, and Fitz and Simmons then see that Coulson cleared the detection of an LMD, but the LMD detector picked up 4 LMDs, Coulson, Mack, Jeffery, and Daisy.So Fitz and Simmons realize that Daisy, Coulson, Mack, and Jeffery were all replaced by LMDs on the mission.Then LMD Coulson turns on LMD May.

So by far, the biggest moment in the episode was Fitz and Simmons finding out that Coulson, Daisy, Jeffery, and Mack were all replaced by LMD on the mission, and the LMD May is back.So now we are in major LMD territory with nearly the whole cast being replaced by LMDs.So Coulson, Daisy, Mack, Jeffery, and May are now most likely in the mainframe.So Fitz and Simmons will have to try to take down the LMDs and find the real versions of their friends.Fitz and Simmons could get Yoyo and Agents Davis with them, and possibly Ghostrider if he comes back.Or maybe Agents Morris and Hunter could back and help.

The stand out character of the episode was the man behind the shield himself, Clarke Gregg as  Phil Coulson, I mostly enjoyed seeing the phase 1 type Coulson.I like how the flash backs said a wile ago, that was great, I'm but im pretty sure that was after Iron Man 1.I also found Ivanov more interesting in this episode, Zach McGowan the actor played the character well, he felt menacing, in the last review I complained about how doesn't seem to have much of a motive but he did.But it seems like he is not going to be the main villain anymore but we are going to full on Life Model Decoys in SHIELD.

Overall the man behind the shield was a great episode and we are now getting full LMD.I will give this episode a 9 out of 10.Leave your thoughts on the episode down in the comments below.As always thanks for reading, and happy valentines.

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