Season 4 Episode 15:

On Agents of Shield so much went down, I am going to do a very brief recap of the episode, I just really want to do a lot of speculation on the rest of the series.So spoilers ahead, go see the episode, I am actually going to say it right here right now, this is my favorite episode of the show ever.

The episode picks up from last week where Fitz and Simmons find out that Coulson, Daisy, Mack, and Jeffery have all been replaced with LMDs.Fitz and Simmons get isolated with each other and they discover that one of them is an LMD.It is Fitz and he takes down Simmons, but she manages to take him down and run.Meanwhile, we find out that Daisy has not been replaced with an LMD, and she finds out that Mack is and LMD when she finds a containment roomful of LMDs of herself.

Simmons and Daisy meet up and discover that thy are real with Daisy using her powers to feel Jemma's  bones.With the LMDs they lock down the case and tell the members of shield that Daisy and Simmons are LMDs.Daisy and Simmons set up some sleeping gas throughout the base and Daisy fights LMD Jeffery.Jemma finds so some shield agents and she gets them to wheel some framework connection stuff for her, threatening them with a gun.Daisy takes out LMD Jeffery and then gets hit by both LMD Mack and Coulson.Daisy uses maximum effort and takes down LMD Mack.

However, LMD Coulson lives and tells LMD May to go through with the next part of the plan.Jemma and the agents see LMD Mack's head and the agents fully believe Jemma and Daisy, who tell them to rescue shield agents and meet them by the bus.Daisy and Jemma take the framework stuff and are going to go to the bus, but they are faced by LMD May who has a lot of explosives next to her, she lets Daisy and Jemma through as well as the other shield agents who start powering up the bus.LMD Coulson asks LMD May what she was found and she says that she fell in love with Coulson, but the Coulson standing in front of her is not that Coulson.

She detonates the explosions and the shield base explodes and the bus flies off.Daisy and Jemma pick up Yoyo, and they are going to plug in Daisy and Jemma into the framework to try to track the real versions of their friends.Daisy and Jemma get plugged into the framework.

We cut to Daisy in a bath tub, she gets out and finds someone in a bed. then we cut to a photo of Daisy and Ward.Then we see Coulson as a school teacher, teaching why Inhumans should be feared, then we see Mack picking up a girls bike that falls over, then we see Fitz in a car escort someone else out, but we only see their hand, then we cut to a gravestone which says, Jemma Simmons, then we cut to May in an elevator in the triskelion which has the hydra logo on it.We then cut to Aida, she built Ivanov an android body with his brain in a case.

Ok, so the biggest scene in the episode was by far that ending with the framework so that framework has taken away everyone's biggest regret, and Coulson's biggest regret was joining SHIELD, so that has lead to the triskelion being owned by Hydra.
So if Coulson never joined shield, Peper Potte could have been murdered in Iron Man 1 by the Iron Monger, which would have left Tony going down a dark path, probably never joining the Avengers.Thor would never make ties to shield, therefore the Avengers would have to meet Thor an even harder way.Coulson's death would have never inspired the Avengers which would probably leave the initiative.So Captain America would not go back to join shield by instead meet up with Peggy.The word of Hydra being inside of SHIELD would have never leaked, therefore Captain America would have no idea, the three hellicarriers would go up in the air, execute all the people on the list including all the Avengers, and Hydra would rise from shield with nearly no damage.
With people being killed maybe the spider the bits spiderman is never created, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver would be with Hydra, Black Panther would be on the list as well as Doctor Strange and possibly Captain Marvel, all the inhumans would never have been created because Daisy would have never joined shield if it weren't for Coulson.Thanos would come down to Earth and Thor, Valkyrie, Odin, and Loki would come help Thor, as well as the Defenders possibly, and the Guardians of the Galaxy, they would all have to fight Thanos off Earth.Scarlet Witch and Quiksilver could also join the fight as their base would have the mind stone.But it is insane to see how much the MCU would change if Coulson never joined SHIELD.

The character I loved the most in the episode was Jemma Simmons, played by Elizabeth Henstridge.It was so cool seeing her lose her sanity while killing LMD Fitz.Elizabeth Henstridge did such an awesome job as the character, and her in the main frame, let's think she seems to be well, dead, but the thing is that that could be her mother and Jemma could be called Jemma Simmons II.Thats a possbility, if I had to guess she would be in the car with Fitz.

Overall this episode of SHIELD was insane, so much went down, we have moved out of the LOMD part of the season a little bit and for the rest of the seven episodes it seems like Daisy and Jemma are going to have to trace where the framework is, and Ward is back, which is cool.I hope Aida makes and LMD based on Ward with the same memories so he can come back and play whenever.But this episode is one of my favorite episodes, this season has been great, it has been tied together with the dark hold so Ghost rider could come back and take care of the book in the finale.I will give this episode a 9.7 out of 10.Agents of SHIELD will be on break until April 4th.Comment below your thoughts on the episode.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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