Season 5 Episode 12:

In this episode of Arrow the team goes to Russia, there were was another storyline, I will explain both storylines and the flashbacks, spoilers ahead let's recap.

The episode is about team Arrow going to Star City's sister city in Russia to track down Walker, who has the nuclear bomb.
Oliver meets up with Anatoli and he asks for some help to stop Walker from selling the nuke to terrorist, but Anatoli is reluctant to help Oliver since Slade killed a Bravata member.But since Anatoli asks for a favor from Oliver, but Oliver declines.

Felicity manages to find a way to track Walker, but she gets the help of Curtis and Rory to act as some Bravata members and she gets some information from someone off the USB she was given.
Felicity manages to track Walker to a building and Oliver and Diggle go after him, with the rest of the team on stand by.After a shootout, Oliver and John take one the henchmen and tries to get information out of him.Diggle wants to get the information out of the henchman immediately, but Oliver says no.Rory asks Felicity if she blackmailed the guy they saw earlier and she denied, and Rory gave her a great power comes great responsibility speech.Oliver walks in Rory says Felicity is hiding something, Oliver then hears someone being beaten up and he finds Diggle tour turning the henchman that they caught.With the henchman knocked out cold, Oliver and Diggle starts arguing.

Oliver then goes and visits Anatoli and agrees to do a favor for him.Oliver grabs Dinah and the two quickly take down a business.

Oliver then goes back to the Argus safe house the team is staying at and apologizes to Diggle and tells Diggle and Felicity to do the right thing, and not do what Prometheus wants them to do which is to tear themselves down.Curtis walks in and says that Anatoli is outside, Oliver meets him and Anatoli agrees to help Oliver with his men to take down Walker.

The team tracks down Walker to a plane hanger where the deal is going down.Oliver and Dinah take down some henchmen in a car, while Rory and Anatoli's men take on the terrorist and John takes down Walker, but he doesn't kill him, Diggle does the right thing and arrests Walker to see justice serve.
But the nuke is ready to go, so Felicity comes out of the van and tries to disarm the nuke, but she triggers the timer to do down drastically, so Rory steps in and wraps his rags around the nuke to contain the blast.Felicity runs outside and the bomb goes off, but Rory contained it but the rags are burnt and destroyed.

While all that was happening Quintin is back from Rehab and with the team going to Russia, Oliver leaves Rene to keep an eye on him.Rene helps Quintin prep for his interview with Susan, but things go a little sideways.But by the end of the episode, Rene and Quintin make good terms with each other and Rene helps Quintin prepare for his interview.

In the flashbacks, Talia and Oliver go out and take on some drug dealers from Satr City, and Oliver makes his path to becoming the Hood.

Oliver and the team grab a drink with Anatoli and they make good ends with each other.
Back home in Star City, Oliver sleeps with Susan who draws interest to his tattoo.Felicity visits Rory and he says he is leaving the team as his suit is destroyed, Felicity says bye to him and she walks out the door and gets a text and she ultimately is going to go through all the information in the USB the hacker gave to her in the last episode.

The end scene of the episode is of Susan meeting up with a man and she tells him that Oliver has a Bravata member tattoo, and he was in Russia the same time the hood showed up.So they come to the realization that Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow.

My favorite scene in the episode was of Susan finding out Oliver is the Green Arrow.There are two ways she will let aOliver knows she knows, she will confront him, or she will catch him out and possibly report it.But it seems like the relationship Oliver and Susan has is fake, Oliver most likely thinks it is a real relationship, but Susan is doing it for a report.What if the man she was talking to at the end is Prometheus because he kind of already seemed like he knew what was going on with Oliver being the Green Arrow, but he wanted to tell Susan.But if he is not Prometheus, Susan might get caught up in the Prometheus storyline.

The stand out character in the episode was David Nykl as Anatoli.I liked how the relationship with him and Oliver played out in the episode.I like the character Anatoli, and I hope he comes on the show again to help team Arrow.
I also liked Joel Dinicol as ragman in the episode, him making the heroic save of the episode by containing the nuke blast, but I that he comes back to the show and doesn't leave Arrow needs Ragman, so I hope he stays on.
I also liked how the friendship between Rene and Quintin played out, it was really neat to see the most unlikely member of team Arrow to look after Quintin, it developed both characters, and thank god Paul Blackthorne has come back to the show.

Overall, Bravata was a great episode which took the team to Russia where we meet up with Anatoli in the present day.The other story line with Rene and Quintin played out great, and I hope Ragman isn't out of the show.I will give this episode a 9 out fo 10.Leave your thoughts on the episode down in the comments below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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