Season 5 Episode 11:

Arrow this episode we saw our new Black Canary and she was awesome, so spoilers ahead for the episode

The episode starts off with a flashback to 3 years ago where we see the new Black Canary, Tina and she is being held hostage, and then the people holding her captive bring in her partner and they kill him, she screams and the dark matter from the particle accelerator effects Tina and gives her the a Canary Cry.
Oliver, Rene, and Curtis taking a trip to Hub city to find a new Black canary that they discovered were operating in the city.Oliver, Rene, and Curtis suit up and they find Tina and give her a position in their team but she declines.Curtis finds out that her name is Tina and she was a cop for Central City Police so Oliver and the others in a Belly Burger rings up Captain Singh and calls him as the Green Arrow and asks for some information, he declines but Oliver text's Barry and then Barry leaves a note on Captain Singh's computer saying "He's Legit", so Captain Singh gives Oliver some information on Tina and they figure our her agenda which is to avenge her partner.
Curtis managed to track down Tina, Oliver and Rene go in to find her, she is interrogating a man, Oliver tries to make her stop and she canary cries at the guy she was interrogating and it kills him, Rene uses a smaller version of the canary cry damper on her, and more criminals are coming, Tina runs away and Oliver chases her.They have a talk and Oliver offers a place for her on the team again, but she declines and canary cries at Oliver and she runs away.
Back at the Belly Burger, Curtis has found the key suspect Tina was tracking down before her partner died, who is called Sonus.Tina is at a building and she is about to take down her prime suspect, but surprise, he has powers which make someone dizzy (kind of like Topp's powers), Oliver and Rene come in but the suspect is gone and Tina is knocked out cold.
The team puts Tina in the Arrow van and Oliver and Rene are discussing where they can find Sonus, Tina walks out of the van and she tells the two that he is going to be on a building getting drug trade that is going to be sold to kids, Tina leaves and she is heading for the trade deal.Curtis comes up with the idea that maybe Tina and Sonus's powers are connected so they could use the canary cry dampener on Sonus.
Tina meets Oliver and Oliver doesn't have the arrow mask on so he revealed his identity to her, she lets Oliver and Rene help her and the three go to the building where the deal is taking place and Curtis is on the coms in the van.The three go out on the rooftop and start taking down the criminals involved in the deal.
Rene and Tina are firing their guns and Oliver uses a grapple arrow and swings around with the helicopter and takes it down.Tina has Sonus rounded up with a gun and Oliver is trying to talk her out of killing him and to do what her partner would have wanted her to do, but she pulls a Deadpool and kills him.

In the episode, Felicity was working towards hacking some NSA files for evidence to free Diggle.Felicity manages to get some information using the help of another hacker she inspired.By the end of the episode, Diggle is told by Oliver and Adrian that he is going to be let free.

In the flashbacks, Oliver is found by Talia and they take down some of Covart's associates.And at the end of the episode, Talia gives Oliver a green hoodie and a bow and she tells him that she will train him.

The episode ends with Tina meeting Oliver in his mayor Office and she tells him that she needs some people to rely on and she can't deal with the choices she has made alone, like Oliver.Tina says to Oliver that Tina is not her name but an undercover name, and her real name is Dinah Drake.Oliver then tells Dinah that he knew someone who had that same name and that he found her for her.

My favorite scene in the episode was the end where we got the reveal of the name of the new Black Canary, Dinah Drake, and her joining the team.The name Dinah drake is a play on the Black Canary from the comics Dinah Drake Lance, which is cool in sense that this new Black Canary is loosely based off a comic book character and to me, at least, to me, it doesn't feel like the whole Laurel Black Canary legacy is completely gone.
But I can't wait for next week when Dinah sees the Arrow cave and hopefully tries on the suit.
The stand out character of the episode for me was Juliana Harkavy as the new Black canary.I loved her story arch in the episode and to see how she got her metahuman powers.Her acting was great and I can't wait till she becomes a member of team Arow.

I also really liked Lexa Doing as Talia al Ghul, she was so bad ass and I really can't wait to see how she trains Oliver in thew season and when she will appear in the present day because team Arrow needs to track her down to find the identity, and face of Prometheus.

Overall, tonights episode was great, i loved the introduction of Dinah drake as the new Black Canary, all Belly Burger scenes and I loved Talia al Ghul in the flash back's.I will give this episode a 9 out of 10.Leave your thoguths on the episode down in the commetns below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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