Season 5 Episode 14:

On Arrow this week we basically get Star City sirens, and Oliver gets into a lot of trouble with the police.So spoilers ahead, let's recap.

The episode is about Oliver meeting with Prometheus Mother, but she refuses to help him.Meanwhile, Chine White, Cupid, and Liza Warner manage to escape a prison transfer and head back to Star City to steal Tobias Church's money.Team Arrow finds out about this and Oliver and Quintin manage to track down the trio, Quentin chases Liza, and Oliver goes up against Cupid and Chione, but the ACU comes in a is about to arrest the Green Arrow for the murder of Billy Malone.Oliver manages to escape using a smoke trick.

The next day Adrian Chase, Oliver, and Quinten meet up with the ACU captain and tell him to stop the hunting of the Green Arrow.Oliver tries to persuade him but it doesn't work, the captain does the tell the three that he was told of what the Green Arrow did from a letter.Oliver and Quinten talk in private and agree that Prometheus was behind the letter.That night the trio of villains go to a cemetery to find the money.Felicity manages to track them down and calls Oliver, who was talking to the ACU captain and told him to trust the Gren Arrow, after all, he has done, why would he murder a cop intentionally, Oliver then says "He murdered Billy, that's something he's going to live with for the rest of his life."

Oliver, Diggle, Quintin, Wilddog, Mr. Terific, and Black Canary surround the three villains.A fight breaks out, and then the City Sirens call in a bunch of criminals who start shooting at team Arrow.The team tries to take down as many of them as possible and then the ACU come in and take out the criminals and let team Arrow go.
Green Arrow tells the police captain "I'm sorry for killing Billy Malone, that is something I have to live with for the rest of my life.", and the police captain responds "that's exactly what the mayor said."

Also happening in the episode, Dinah was welcomed into the Police Department.Before she had to help fight the sirens she was given the canary mask from Felicity, and she said it did not feel right.At the end of the episode, Quinten talked to Dinah and told her that he was okay with her carrying the mantle of Black Canary.

What also happened in the episode was that Susan confronted Olive for being the GHreen Arrow, Oliver played it off as a joke and Thea finds out about this and she gets the help of Felicity to hack into Susan's computer.From this Susan gets fired from her job as she was confronted of plagiarism, she then connects the dots to her confronting Oliver as the Green Arrow and tells him all the clues she knew like the Russia ties.Oliver goes to talk to Thea and has an argument with her.But by the end of the episode, they apologize to each other and Oliver realizes that Thea was looking out for him.

In the flashbacks, Oliver and Anatoli are in a hospital and Anatoli tells Oliver about a man who used to take people's sins as his own.But the two are hunted down in the hospital and the manage to get out.

The episode ends with Oliver in the mayor's office and Adrian rushes into the room and tells Oliver on turn the tv on, and on the tv is a new story of the Star City Mayor convicted covering up Billy Malone's death.Oliver then says something like "This is the end of Mayor Queen."

My favorite scene in the episode was of the end, Oliver Queen seems like he is not going to be mayor much longer.So it seems like Susan went on a revenge streak and created this story.Or it could have been Prometheus that leaked the information.Because the information was of the Mayor hiding the murderer’s identity of Billy Malone.So it could be Prometheus.Or here's a stretch, like a major stretch, potential spoiler stretch, what if Susan is Prometheus.There are a let flaws, like Susan not knowing Oliver’s identity before it was revealed to her only a couple episodes ago.But she could be blacking out and being Prometheus.That's a stretch, I don't think it will be the case.

I did also like the end battle scene.It was great seeing the story come around and the end where the cops did not catch team Arrow.The other scenes in the episode I liked were the Dinah Drake scenes, like her getting the mask, and she thinks that she has to fill the boots of Black canary instead of carrying them.

The stand out character of the episode was Carly Pope as Susan Williams.I am super interested to see where the character's loyalties will lie after Oliver is kicked out as Mayor.I think that something will happen to her by the end of the season.
I also really liked Willa Holland in the episode with her trying to protect Oliver but it not working.
In the episode Curtis got a new costume, it has white colored arms, it makes a lot of the red more visible and gives the suit a more flare of colors.
I really like seeing the Star City Sirens, they weren't called that in the episode, but that's what I'm calling them.But Kelly Hu as China White, Amy Gumenick as Cupid, and Rutia Wesly as Liza Warner, they were all great, I hope the trio come on the show again, and I hope they call them the Star City Sirens.

Overall this episode of Arrow was great, we got a good message of taking other people sins, like Oliver taking Prometheus sins of seeting up Billy's murder as his own, because Oliver was the one that fired the arrow and killed Billy. I also did like the Star City Sirens in the episode, they were all great, and they will hopefully come on the show again.I will give this episode a 9 out of 10.Leave your thoughts on the episode down below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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