Season 5 Episode 13:

So on this episode of Arrow, we get an episode which deals with gun control, and we also get Rene's origin story in the flashbacks.So spoilers for the episode ahead

The episode is about after a shooting at City Hall, which killed five people Oliver is out to get catch the shooter.With the team, knowing the type of gun used Oliver sets out on the streets as the Green Arrow trying to find who the shooter was, but the vigilante character interferes.
Quintin managers to identify the shooter.Felicity manages to find out his past and the team discovers that he lost is family in a shooting in a mall, and they discover that he attacked the city hall because the mayor didn't pass a gun registration act.Rene and Curtis go to a counseling class where they talk to the manager and they get the address of the shooter and go to his house.
At his house, they find floor plans of theStar City hospital.Rene and Curtis notify Oliver and Felicity and the team gears up.Oliver has to leave a meeting about a gun registration law with the councilwoman.At the hospital, Oliver confronts the shooter, not as the Green Arrow, but instead, as the mayor.Oliver stops the shooter from killing himself and others at the hospital and then the shooter gets arrested by the police.

The flashbacks in the episode were of Rene.we discover he had a wife and daughter.However, his wife was a drug addict and that got her into trouble as to which she was killed.Rene's daughter went to a foster home.The flashbacks end with Rene being mad that he can't see his daughter again and he throws his phone to the tv and the new is playing with the Green Arrow killing Damien Darhk and Rene looks at his hockey mask.But in present day Curtis finds out about this and promises to help Rene see his daughter again.

Also happening in the episode, John helps Dinah give the confidence she needs to find a house and she does. building on their friendship.And Dinah joins the Star City Police Department.

The episode ends with Oliver and Rene coming up with a new gun control law which they propose to the madame councilwoman.The episode ends with the city outside the city hall having a memory for the ones they have lost.

My favorite scene in the episode was the end confrontation scene with Oliver confronting the shooter.It was a great scene showing that Oliver can save the day as Mayor Queen.I want to see more scenes like this in the series where Oliver saves the day not as a vigilante but as himself.

I also enjoyed the flashbacks with Rene, Rick Gonzalez was great as Wilddog in the episode.In the flashbacks, he didn't seem the same way he is in the present day.I understand that it was different circumstances, but it felt a little off.But Rick Gonzalez's performance as Wilddog was great, he was probably the stand out character of the episode.

I also liked Stephen Amell in the episode as Oliver Queen.The speech he gave was great, they were empowering.And in this episode, we didn't get any flashbacks to Oliver.I hope they keep doing this in the future episodes where we see flashbacks of other characters.

Overall this episode of Arrow was great, it dealt with a big issue well, and the episode developed a lot of the characters.Comment below your thoughts on the episode.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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