So the world premiere trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2 was dropped, it's like the super bowl spot but extended with a lot more stuff and a third tease.So let's break the trailer down.

 The trailer starts off like all the others with the Guardians on Ayesha's planet going to take care of the tentacle monster.Peter is building up some tension with Gamora with her weapon choice.
 Drax is the first to take down the monster
 Baby Groot plugging in some speakers, this might either be to help take down the monster or background fighting music that the Guardians play
 The Marvel Studios logo on weeeeed.
 Ayesha is telling the Guardians what she sees in them, that being fear, jealousy, and betrayal
 we cut to baby Groot in fear, nearly crying
 nebula being jealous of Gamora
 This is interesting, we have the ravagers betraying Rocket and Youndu seems to be the one that set up Rocket, maybe Youndu is part of a bigger plan this with the Guardians to take down the Ravagers
 Ayesha telling the Guardians that her race eradicates non-perfect, broken people, and the Guardians are broken and definitely not perfect heroes
 Rocket totally not saying Ayesha is a douche bag
 Baby Groot being told to buckle up with his bucket full of candy, but here the lighting in the Milano makes it look like its sunny and daytime so this might not be in a fight scene
 The Milano flying away from fire from the Ayesha ships
 Rocket using some mechanism to blow the Ravagers to hell, this might be after he is rounded up by the Ravagers
 Starlord facing Ayesha ships, this might be more towards the end of the film
 Gamora smiling in the Milano
 Rocket piloting a new ship and wanting to charge extra to save to galaxy, so will Tony have to pay the Guardians in Infinity War
 Drax shouting victory "YAY"
 Rocket and Starlord are flying across space, this might be around Ego the living planet
 We then cut to the character shots, Starlord- Peter is getting close with Gamora on a plane which I will get into later
 Gamora using one of Rocket's guns to shoot down a crashed Ravagers ship
 Drax in a space suit shooting at some of Ayesha's ships
 the Guardians blowing up a ship, it doesn't look like any of Ayesha's ships, it could possibly be the Ravagers ship
 Babby Groot waving
 I really like this scene, in the heat of the battle Gamora still has time to say hi to baby Groot
 Rocket raccoon jumping down
 Youndu garbing his arrow
 Mantis here looks like she is in distress, it seems like Ego which they are flying over looks like it is getting annihilated
 Nebula piloting a ship  and she is shooting down at Gamora on a desert-like planet, this could lead to the shot of Gamora shooting at the ship that crashed
Here is the planet in the background of the Star Lord shot.This is a built up planet with plants and greenery.I believe that this is Ego the living planet, we know he can change form, and this might be a new form.
Drax and Gamora touching some bundles on this planet
This shot looks like it would be at the end of the film
Dead kicking down a door with Gamora, Mantis, and Nebula behind him
Here it seems like Ego is being destroyed, and the Guardians might have to flee him/it
Nebula telling the Guardians that they are not friends as thy argue and shout at each other
We have a voice over of Drax saying that they are a family.And here we have the glories shot of the Guardians on Ego being destroyed 
Drax excluding Nebula from the family, but the way this is cut these are two different scenes.
Here we have our first look at Kurt Russel as Ego the Living Planet, Star Lords daddy.The reveal did feel that strong, and Peters reaction was cut short.We saw Ego standing next to Mantis when he stood out of the white circle ship.

Overall this trailer was great, there were a lot of recycled shots but those shots were awesome.I can't wait for the film in May.There was also this poster released which looks so awesome with all the color and there is so much going on.
Leave your thoughts on the trailer and the poster down below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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