Season 2 Episode 12:

So Legends of Tomorrow this week is we go to Camelot.Spoilers ahead for the episode, it was so cool.

The episode is about Rip Hunter stealing technology from Dr. Mid-nite in the year 3000.This technology can mind control people.The legends go investigate this and tracked this down with the algorithm Lily built to find the spear pieces.The same algorithm finds a piece of the spare in Camelot in the year 507.So the Legends travel there.Martin and Mick stay on board and Martin reveals that he took some of the technology in the year 300.Back with the other legends who are in the castle in Camelot, they meet King Arthur, and Stargirl is also there and she reveals to the Legends that the last JSA mission in 1956 was of the JSA finding the spare of destiny and they were assisted by Rip Hunter, who broke the spare up and gave each member of the JSA a piece each and sent them throughout time.

The legends go back to the Waverider with Stargirl and she tells the legends that she hid her piece of the spare of destiny in the castle, and she ensures it is safe.
The legends go back to Camelot and Guinevere tells the legends that King Arthur is out, we cut to King Arthur fighting a black knight and losing, and the black knight is Damien Darhk.King Arthur gets back to the castle with the black knight, but plot twist, Arthur is being mind controlled by Rip Hunter with the technology DR Mid-nite was making in the year 3000.Mind controlled King Arthur murders a Sir Galahad, who Ray admired to.Damien Darhk gives Camelot until dawn to give them the piece of the spare of destiny.

Amaya tells Stargirl that the legends can take the piece of the spare but they have a debate.Meanwhile, Guinevere's giving a prep talk to her knights to strike Darhk, and Ray wants to help, Nate tries to stop him, but he can't, so them Nate looks at a Medieval book he had and he sees Ray's funeral.Amaya manages to get the piece of the spare, but Stargirl tries to stop them, but then she lets them have it.

The Camelot knights are preparing to have a fight, Ray makes a sword that lights up.Nater tries to talk ray out of fighting fro Camelot, but Ray wants to do it been a dream of his.Nate gets back to the waverider and tells everyone that Ray is not coming.Sarah is prepared to leave, but Mick doesn't let her,, and then Martin and Amaya stand up for Mick.So the legends are going to fight for Camelot.Martin, Mick, and Jefferson tamper around with the mind control devices.Sarah, Amaya, and Nate go out onto the battlefield.

It's Camelot vs Damien and an army of mind controlled knights along with mind controlled king Arthur.After a long battle Martin manages to defuse the all the mind control devices, Rip Hunterstrickenkken down in the battle, and Damien Darhk leaves, Ray chases after him.Ray and Damien fight, Ray is taken down but manages to live as he wore his atom suit underneath his armor.

Back at the castle, Amaya says goodbye to Stargirl, because Stargirl has found her place in Camelot like Amaya has found her place with the legends.Ray is thanked by Guinevere and Sarah kisses her.

The episode ends with Rip Hunter captured on the Waverider, Jefferson talks to him and leaves.Rip then asks for Gideon who responds with "Yes Captain.'

My favorite scene from the episode was the end fight scene.I love medieval battle scene, and this was great, especially the part of Ray jumping at Rip on the horse, that was awesome.The end scene was really cool as well, no even changed Gideon’s programming so she has to help Rip, and looking at the promo for the next episode, I am excited.

The stand out character in the episode was Brandon Routh as Ray, I really liked the characters motives in the episode were based on his childhood dreams.I also did like how Ray in the stories became the king.I also enjoyed Sarah Grey as Stargirl, Kwesi Ameyawas Dr. Mid-Nite, and Elyse Levesque as Guinevere, Neil Webb as Sir Galahad and Nils Hognestad as King Arthur was great.

Overall, this episode was very entertaining, I liked the combination of using futuristic technology in medieval times.I hope the legends come back to Camelot in future seasons.And speaking of future seasons, I think Amaya might stay on the team after what Star Gi said.Anyways I will give this episode a 9 out of 10.
Now it's your turn to leave your thoughts on the episode down below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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