Season 2 Episode 10:

On this episode of Legends, it's all about the villains, and we also get information on what reverse Flash is in, so spoilers ahead, there is so much to talk about so let's get to it.

The episode is Malcolm and Damien using Phillip to get to a bank in Sweden in the year 2025, to try to get some information on the whereabouts of the spare of destiny.Well, they don't manage to get what they were looking for and go back to their base.Malcolm and Damien fight each other, but Phillip tells them that the Reverse Flash is using them, and they see so themselves.Malcolm and Damien then go back to the bank and the Reverse Flash meets them there and the three have a fight.
Damien and Malcolm ask Eobard  where he runs off to all the time, and the Reverse Flash answers all their questions because something's coming after him he says it's not a time reaper but it is something else, then we see a shot of the Black Flash and then Eobard senses that he is coming for him because when he was released from barry's prison in flashpoint he came and got the help of Damien and he is out running death.
Malcolm and Damien blackmail to not let Eodbard out of the bank to make them equals with them, Eobard agrees and the three get out of the bank vault, also getting what they were looking for.The Legion of Doom comes up with a plan to escape from the Black Flash, which is to not use the speed force which is what the Black Flash is attracted to.So Eobard is set to stand still and the Black Flash comes running around him, and the fear on Eobard's face is insane.But when Black Flash is standing still, Malcolm shoots and arrow and Damien swings a sword at the Black Flash and Eobard punches him into the bank vault and the Legion of Doom escape the bank.

In the episode, the Legends have to get the help of Martin's daughter, Lilly to help merge the Amulet with Gideon.But Rory spills the beans and Lilly finds out that she is a time apparition.Meanwhile, Nate, Amaya, and Sarah are trying to find the identity of the Legion of Doom's speedster, Martin then tells them that his name is Eobard and that his ancestor Eddie Thawn killed himself erasing Eobard from existence and that is why the Legends have no information on the reverse Flash.
At the end of the episode Lilly and Martin make up with each other, and Martin tells her that he is half of a superhero, but Lilly doesn't believe him.Lilly leaves the wave rider and goes back to 2016.

The Legion of Doom go back to their base where the computer chip that they stole from the vault holds the memories of Rip Hunter, so they restore a few memories and then we see Rip on Christmas day 1776 and he shoots George Washington.

Okay, so my favorite part of the episode is by far the Black Flash coming for the Reverse Flash.He is coming for him because he is basically out running his own existence which would mean that he would die, so that is why the Black Flash is coming for him.I really enjoyed Matt Letscher's acting as Eobard, the amount of fair the character has this episode was insane, especially for such an insanely strong character like the Reverse Flash.

The stand out characters in the episode, well there were many, I really enjoyed all the performances of the villains, John Barrowman as Malcolm, Neal McDonough as Damien and Matt Letscher as the Reverse Flash.All three worked really well together and I can't wait to see them work more as a team than a main villain format.
I also liked seeing Christina Brucato as Lilly Stein, I like it when she comes on the show, she worked really well with the team and I like seeing her an Victor Garber togther.

Overall, Legends of Tomorrow this episode was great, the villains were expanded, and I really liked the Damien voiceover on the opening.I will give this episode a 9 out of 10.Leave your thoughts on the episode down in the comments below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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