Season 2 Episode 11:

On this episode of Legends, the legends travel to Christmas in 1776, so spoilers ahead for the episode, let's recap.

In the episode Rip Hunter is tasked by Eobard to find the piece of the spare of destiny that the legends have.Rip kills George Washington which creates an apparition that the legends detect.So they gear up and go undercover to a party a couple days before Washington is killed.The party gets ambushed by Rip and his English soldiers, and Rip sets off an EMP device that stops the waverider from working and Ray is stuck in mini form in the Atom suit.Sarah and Rory get Washington out of the party but Rip holds them up with a gun.Rip shoots Sarah and takes Washington and Rory.

On the waverider, Sarah is sidelined and Martin is treating her, and he can't turn into Firestorm with Jefferson because the splicer device that is on the suit can't work with the EMP.Jefferson is in charge.Amaya and Nate go to find Washington and George while Ray and Jefferson try to repair the Waverider.

Amaya and Nate go to find Washington and Mick and on their way, they start bonding.Amaya heard something and the two get ambushed.Nate is hit into a river and Amaya goes seek mode and saves him.And then they sleep together in a tent.

Rip is coming on board the waverider so Jefferson goes all Kevin McAllister and sets up traps for Rip and his men.Jefferson mangoes to take out Rip's men but he can't hide from Rip because he knows
the ship inside and out.In this time Martin is treating Sarah and Ray is being chased by a rat.Jefferson is going to give up the spare to Rip but he doesn't and he runs away into the med bay.Rip follows and he is threatening to kill Sarah, Jefferson then says that he will give him the spare, and Jefferson tells him it's in the telescope but Rip kills Sarah and leaves with the spare.

Martin wakes up and Jefferson tells him that Rip killed Sarah.Ray manage so to turn on the power.Jefferson grabs a gun and goes out of the waverider and chases Rip.Martin then gets Gideon to do a diagnostics of Sarah and she is thankfully still alive.Jefferson has Rip held up at gun point, Rip tells Jefferson he is too weak to pull the trigger, Jefferson asks Rip why he is working with the legion of doom and Rip says that there's no pint in saving history.Sarah comes and talks Jefferson out of shutting Rip, Jefferson listens but he and Sarah have to leave as some English soldiers are coming in towards them.

While that was all happening Rory and Washington were going to be hung, Rory gave Washington a speech on not giving up.On the morning that Washington is going to be hanged, Rory creates a fight and Nate and Amaya save the two, and Rory makes good friends with George Washington.

At the end of the episode, Rory gets his own statue in Washington DC, and the legends have a Christmas party with everyone alive a well and full size.Sarah gives a speech that they will beat the legion of doom because they have a family.

My favorite scene in the episode was the end scene, I enjoyed seeing the legends bond together because the characters make the show.Even tough it is a little late to have a Christmas episode, it was a good ending.And Mick has his own statue which would be cool.

The stand out character of the episode was Franz Durham as Jefferson Jackson.The character was developed a lot, being tempted by Rip that his father can live.

Arthur Darvill as Rip was great.I liked seeing the villainous side of the character.And he said some really savaged stuff like the legends are a bunch of no one superheroes.
I also liked the character relationships in the episode like Nate and Amaya getting it on, I think that the two will stay on the show for season 3, well hopefully.I also did like the friendship Mick had with George Washington who was played by Randall Batinkoff.I liked how chill Mick was around Georgie.I also liked Dominic Purcell doing the opening voiceover "who the hell writes this?"

Overall, turncoat is a great episode with well-done character development and a great story.I will give this episode a 9 out of 10.Leave your thoughts on the episode down in the comments below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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