So on Yahoo Movies, these statues of the Justice League have been revealed.They look amazing, we get a closer look at all the costumes so I do an analysis on them and give my opinions on the costume.
Wonder Woman is first up, the costume is the same as the costume in Batman vs Superman, and Wonder Woman.But I still like the design.A couple things I did notice is that there are some gaps in her boots, that's probably just the way they are mended together.But Wonder Woman has all her toys, the shield, the lasso, and the sword.I think that they might be going for a rebirth Wonder Woman costume design, the only aspect of that costume they are missing on gal Gadot is the cape, which she could get at the end of Justice League when she returns home with a mother box she could be given a cape.
 Cyborg's costume close up looks much better.The lighter color of gray is more dominant in the suit, which is not what the test footage showed us, but that is test footage.The dark gray rib cage part looks interesting, it has a lot of detailing which is cool, however, I believe it would look better with less detailing there and only having like 4 or so patterned plates.The chest piece is like a line, I think that in the Cyborg solo film he will get the square logo with the C.The head of Cyborg looks great with the blue light in the center, it gives more of a pop of color.The overall shape of Cyborg looks fine here, in the other images it looked not so great, but it seems like Ray Fisher is suited for the role.
Aquaman looks so awesome in his full body armor.There are the hints of green in the bottom half and orange and gold in the top half, so it is taking parts of the classic Aquaman suit from the comics, which obviously couldn't be adapted in live-action because that would look horrific, and Jason Mamoa would seem right to be in that suit, he looks like the king of the sea in this suit.
Superman here looks kind of similar to what we saw in batman vs Superman, apart from him having confidence and actually seeming alive.But the costume has the light blue stripes on the side of the legs and the bottom of the torso like in Batman vs Superman, but here the stripes look more vibrant.the red boots have a small triangle within them.I don't know what that is there for, but they are there.He also has the blue cuffs on, they haven't been switched to silver, but that may happen in man of Steel 2.The belt only has a gold rectangle on it, I would have wished that it was red like in Rebirth or the new 52, but that can also change later on.Overall Henry Cavill as Superman looks great, the costume looks good with more color on it.
Batman looks not like any other live action Batman suit we have seen.That's probably to do with the goggles on top of the cowl.They look really strange, it's like Ben Affleck was wearing some shades and he just got into the Bat suit and they started filming.But the goggles might light up so we get the white eye Batman look which would be awesome.On the legs of the suit, there is some armored padding and there are some gold buckles, and there is some gold on the shoes which look really neat.
The Flash, at first I didn't really like the suit, from what we saw in the concept art.But then the Justice League test footage came out and theFlash suit then looked really cool.The concept of the suit beeing built out of scrap metal from NASA is really cool.I like the different shades of red on the suit, it gives off a look which seems like the suit has padding.Of the suit, there are some gold lightning designs, like on the shoes, and on the legs.And he has a gold built which doesn't go all the way around, but it looks really cool.The cowl of the suit looks like the comics, in terms of the shape, but I can't seem to make out the lighting symbol;s on them, but I am sure they are on there.

So those are my opinions on the statues of the Justice League and analyzing their costume.I would like to know what costume is your favorite down in the comments, I personally like the Wonder Woman suit and Aquaman.I am a little sick, so sorry for the delay on a bunch of stuff, I may or may no post something for tomorrow, I will see, but as always thanks for reading, take care.

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