Chapter 3:

Back for week 3,  Riverdale this week was great we learned a bunch of how Bety acts and what happened to Jason, so spoilers for the episode if you haven't seen it yet.

The episode picks up straight from last week, Cheryll is being questioned, and she reveals to the principle and sheriff that she was in a plan with him to fake his death so Jason could run away and no one would come find him, he was going to ring Cheryll a month later to let her know he was okay but he didn't.And with the Autopsy it was revealed that Jason died a week later he faked his death.

In the episode, Veronica goes on a date with a football player, Chuck Clayton.But the day after there was an image posted online slut shaming Veronica.Betty finds a bunch of girls in the school that has been slut-shamed, and we meet Barb from Stranger Things.They find out that there is a book where some football players keep tabs on who they slut-shamed.Betty, Veronica, Barb, and Kevin go to school at night and find this book.Cheryl meets up with them to look at the book, and in that boom, it seems like Jason was doing some shaming as well.Cheryl gets upset with this and reevaluates her brother.
Betty and Veronica set up a plan to get Chuck to delete the social media post slut shaming Veronica.So the two borrow Barbs house who has a pool.Veronica is looking sexy in a swimsuit and Chuck gets in a hot tub.Betty then comes out with a black wig, and a black bra and underwear.She then handcuffs Chuck in the hot tub and the two tell Chuck to delete the social media post or else they will turn up the temperature in the hot tub.chuck agrees, but Betty turns up the temperature, puts her foot on his head and asks him "Why did you do this to Polly!" and Chuck is confused.But Veronica stops Betty before she goes even crazier.
The next day at school the social media post slut shaming Veronica is gone, betty published an article in the school paper regarding the book which was reported to the principle.The football players that were slut shaming like Chuck were kicked off the football team, and Cheryl and Betty burn their book, and Cheryl is questioning on her brother and wondering what he really was like and he shamed people.

Also happening in the episode, with all the lying Archie has been doing to his father, he gets grounded.But Archie sneaks out to learn musical with Josie and the Pussy Cats, and Archie helps them with some song lyrics.There is this event going on where Josie and the Pussycats perform their song, also at the event, Ms. Blossom slaps Ms. copper for leaking Jason's autopsy.And Archie's father is talking to Ms. Grundy and she tells her that he has talent.

In the episode, Betty asks Jughead to investigate on Jason's murder, and he questions the scout's leader who says he innocent.Jughead finds one of the scouts and the scout reveals that the leader was teaching them how to use a rifle and demonstrates, which is not part of the p[rotacle.Jughead and Betty take the scout leader into a room at school and question and he indeed did fire a rifle in the woods that day, Betty and Jighead agree not to say anything, but the scout leader does say that he saw Ms. Grundy's car down by the river the morning Jason was murdered.

My favorite scene from the episode was the ending with the scout group leader telling Jughead and Betty that he saw Ms. Grundy's car by the river the morning Jason was murdered.
Jughead knows what happened, but Betty and everyone else does not.I feel like by the end of the series Archie will tell Betty what he did with the teacher.But theory time, I think that the gunshot that Grundy and Archie heard was the gunshot that the scout leader fired, but Jason died a week later which we know from the autopsy so he was killed by someone else, possibly Betty.

But that other scene with and Veronica in the swimsuit and Betty had a black wig and called herself Polly.Wow, well Veronica looked great, but Betty went out of her way and got revenge or Polly.I don't know if this is a split personality thing Betty has going on, or if her mother drugged her, but at the end of the episode, it seemed liked she knew what she was doing dressing up as Polly.
The stand out character of the episode was Camila Mendes as Veronica.Her acting was great, she looked great, her character arch was developed well.I also did like Betty playing Polly.It was so weird because she Betty is this perfect small town girl but then she takes a drastic turn into a gothic physico.

Overall, Body Double is a great episode, it opens up a series of questions.I can't wait for next week episode and to see how Betty and Veronica react to Archie hooking up with Ms. Grundy, the teacher that looks like she's in her 20's when she's, not at school but when at school looks 40.Anyway, I will give this episode a 9 out of 10.Comment below your opinions on the episode.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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