Chapter 5:

So in this episode of Riverdale, it is Jason's funeral and we learn a couple new things on the relationship of Polly and Jason.Spoilers ahead for the episode, let's recap.

In the episode Betty and Jughead are told by Kevin that the murder Baird his dad had was torn down and the security footage has been replaced, Betty has a date with a guy who was on Jason's water polo team and he reveals Jason wanted to cash and that he was selling drugs after a few weeks he meet Polly.The Blossoms are hosting a memorial for Jason at their house, so Betty and Jughead find that it is a great time to go investigate Jason's room.Later on, Betty goes to talk to her father and he asks him about Polly, he tells Betty that whatever Jason did to Polly, she tried hurting herself, so they sent Polly away to get help.Later that night Betty sees her father watching old home videos of Polly with same alcohol in his hand.

In the episode, Cheryl invites Veronica for a sleepover.It gets awkward at the dinner table pretty fast.Cheryl tells Veronica that she isn't allowed to speak at Jason's memorial because her mother told her that she already said bye to Jason.Veronica gives Cheryl a prep talk and helps her write a speech.Cheryl also tells Veronica that she invited her over because she was the one who helped her when she had the panic attack a couple episodes ago.

In the episode, Valerie from the Pussy Cats tells Archie that there is the professional music coach in town who he should go see.Archie does and, and this music guy tells Archie that he needs to be written music.So Val helps Archie and Archie hands it in and the music guy tells that it is roughly done and rushed.On top of all this, Archie was trying to do his best in Football, he was training to become captain and he had competition from Reggie.Archie injures his hand but he powers through and does his music.

While all that is going on at Pops, Veronica's mother finds a box which has a snake in it,s o she calls Archie's father to get rid of it and she tells him that the serpent snakes are after her because her husband owns them money.

The day of Jason's memorial comes and Cheryl wears the white outfit she wore when Jason left, she gives a speech on how Jason looked out for.She starts to cry and Veronica goes and comforts Cheryl.Betty and Jughead sneak up into Jason's room, they don't find anything but they are confronted by Jason's old aunt in who mistakes Betty for Polly, and she asks where the ring is, and the aunt tells Betty that it is a good thing that she didn't wear it as Ms. Blossom would have taken it off her.Betty walks out confused and Jughead follows her.
Back at the Copper house, Betty confronts her father on Polly and Jason being engaged, and Mr. Copper knew that they were engaged, he then tells Betty that the Copper's and the Blossoms do not like each other because Betty's great grandfather and Cheryl's great-grandfather had a feud of their maple step business and the Blossom great grandfather murdered the Copper great grandfather for more money.

The Archie storyline in the episode ends with Archie giving Ms. Blossom Jason's football jacket.And Archie is offered to be captain but he gives the honor of captain to Reggie so Archie can focus on his music as well.Archie talks to Val and she offers to help Archie practice music.

The episode ends with Betty and Jughead still discussing the murder board.Betty tells Jughead that Polly and Jason were engaged.Jughead realizes that Mr. Copper was not at the drive in when the murder board was down.So Jughead writes on a piece of paper "the coppers" and Betty places it in the center of the murder wall.Then we cut to Betty's father in the house and he has a folder full of stuff from the murder board.

The biggest scene in this episode was the ending of Betty's after being the one that tore down the murder board in the sheriff's house.That takes away my Kevin murdering Jason theory.
But this is my theory, Betty was drugged by her parents to murder Jason and her parents are now trying their hardest to stop the evidence from spilling out.
This would very much be like Arrow, Thea gets drugged by Merlyn and she kills Sarah.
That is my theory, I know that there are leaks going around, I have not read them, and please do not post them in the comments below.

My favorite character in the episode was Cheryl played by Madelaine Petsch.I really enjoyed seeing more humanity to her character and I can't wait to see if she will help solve Jason's murder with Jughead and Betty.
Valerie was also expanded upon in the episode.I really liked the performance that Haley Law did.I think that they are trying to set up the Archie and Valerie relationship.

Overall this was a great episode, not my favorite in the series so far, I wish that the haunted, creepy Blossom house was in the episode more.I will give this episode a 7.5 out of 10.Comment below your opinions on the episode.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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