Chapter 4:

This week on Riverdale there were two plot lines in the episode one about Jughead and the drive-in theater closing, and the other plot line about the mysteries of Ms. Grundy.

In the episode, Archie and his Dad go to a performance that Ms. Grundy is in and afterward Archie's Dad invites Ms. Grundy to dinner at Pops.grundy tags along and at Pops Betty talks to Archie in private outside and she confronts him about having a relationship with Grundy.Veronica joins in on the conversation and she sides with Betty and the two girls think that Grundy is suspicious.

The next day at school Betty interviews Ms. Grundy and she tries to trap her into admitting she has sexual interest in Archie, but the trap does not work.But Betty does learn that Ms. Gruindy did tutor Jason in music.Betty tries to find information about MS Grundy online but nothing dates further back than a year ago when she came to Riverdale.But she did find another woman who had the last name Grundy, but she died 7 years ago.And the picture looks exactly like the Ms. Grundy from the comics.Betty and Veronica break into Grundy's car and they find an ID card which has the name of 'Jennifer Gibson', and they also find a gun.Betty and Veronica go and confront Archie about Ms. Gruny and tell him about the ID and the gun.
Archie has some suspicions so when he goes to see her he gives her a gift of a violin box.He then asks her for the truth, and she says that her real name is Jennifer Gibson and she changed her name because she had a crazy boyfriend who abused her so she had left her past behind and came to Riverdale and met Archie.Meanwhile, at the Copper house, Betty's mother is putting Betty's laundry away and she finds the gun that betty took from, Grundy, and then the mother reads Betty's diary and learns about what has gone down.

So the mother goes to the drive-in theater closing down film and she tells Archie's dad and the two along with betty confront Archie who is with Grundy who are in a music room.Betty's mother confronts Archie and she says that Grundy is a terrible person and Archie should not be trusted, and Archie's dad stands up for Archie and Betty is telling Archie that she is sorry.But the whole conflict is resolved when Grundy promises to leave Riverdale and for Betty's mother to not say anything about the Archie and Grundy relationship.So Jennifer Gibson leaves Riverdale with all her stuff.

The other storyline in the episode was the drive-in theater being closed down because nobody is going there and the most dangerous gang in Riverdale, the south side serpents are hanging out there.Jughead is upset about this as that is where he worked and this place meant a lot to his childhood, and he lives in the booth.So he talks to the mayor and she says that there is an anonymous buyer.
So Jughead decides on a movie to play for the last time in the drive-in theater.Veronica and Kevin go together, but Kevin talks to his dad earlier and his dad being the sheriff has this whole murder mystery wall for Jason in the house.
But in the drive-in theater Kevin gets it on with a Southside serpent, meanwhile, Veronica notices her mother going around to the corner to talk to a south side serpents who she paid to hang out there so the price of the drive-in theater would go down so that she could buy it, but she is being given the money by her husband, Veronica's father who is in prison.

The episode ends with Veronica's mother consulting Veronica on what's going On.Archie is upset that Grundy is leaving and his father comforts him.And Betty tells her mother that Archie is not like Jason and that she needs to get over herself.We cut to Kevin and his dad going home and they find the murder mystery board for Jason has been torn down.And then we see Jughead write his name on the drive-in theater booth and he talks to his father who is a south side serpent, the one Veronica's mother was talking to.

So speculation time.The investigation board had been torn down.The only two people that know about the board was the Sheriff and Kevin.If Kevin did do it this could expand his role in the storyline of the series.He could have murdered Jason on something he did to him.But Kevin murdering Jason would be a great twist because it's like who is the least likely person to kill Jason, Kevin because we have no yet learned about what Kevin knew about Jason.
The other person in this episode who could have murdered Jason would be Ms. Grundy.We know that she had one on one lessons with Jason and maybe he did something.Or here's a huge theory, the backstory Grundy, or should I say Jennifer gave to Archie was slightly true.But what if Jason was the one that abused Jennifer.Because we know from the last episode Jason slut shamed Polly, so he has some bad tendencies within him.So Jennifer could have murdered Jason, she even had a gun.

Sarah Habel as Ms. Grundy has been great.She has been written out of the show for a little bit, but she will return bu the end of the season.I also really liked Madchen Amick as Alice Copper, mostly because it was great seeing her go so crazy in the episode with confronting Archive and Grundy.
And again Cole Sprouse as Jughead favorite character of the series, who is now homeless.I wonder what happened to his Mother and Sister.

Overall, the last picture was a great episode, There was a lot going on.I wish there was more of a focus on the Jughead and drive in thaeter storyline.But I will give this episode an 8 out of 10.Comment below your thoughts on the episode.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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