Chapter Two:

Hey, everyone, Riverdale is back for its second episode and there was a lot of awesome stuff, including Jughead having more of a role, and a deeper mystery in Betty's family.So let's get into the recap.

In the episode, the whole town of Riverdale has found out that Jason was murdered, and Archie is on edge, he wants to report that he heard the gunshot that killed Jason, but he would reveal that he hooked p with a teacher, Ms. Grundy.Archie talks to Ms. Grundy about what happened and they kiss in school, Jughead sees this and later confronts Archie where he confesses and Jughead tells Archie to report it to the police, but Archie said no because Ms. Grundy will lose her job.Later at the football game, Archie tells Ms. Gundy that he is going to report what they heard with the police, Jughead sees this and forgives Archie.

In the episode, Betty and Veronica have a couple of arguments, and Betty invited Cheryl to her house, but Cheryl is asking about Betty's sister and then it ultimately turns into an interrogation, and Betty kicks Cheryl out of her house.Betty and Veronica do makeup and become friends, and go to the diner together where they are joined by Archie and Jughead.

In the episode we see Betty's mother visiting Jason's body and she gives the pathologist a stack of cash.

The episode ends with Archie going to go to the principles office where some police are to report what he heard to the police, but a policeman and the principle walk out and arrest Cheryl who is guilty of Jason's murder.

So the best scene in the episode was off Cheryl being arrested for Jason's murder.It is weird to theorize on if someone else did it, because why would Cheryl of given herself up at the end.But I do have a theory as to who may have murdered Jason.So spoilers here, if you don't want to be spoiled.

So who I think murdered Jason was Betty.In the episode, Betty had some outburst of rage, and if her mother supplied her some meds and gave her a gun and sent her to where Jason was, Betty would have killed Jason.And to further prove this theory, Betty's mother gave the pathologist a stack of cash to cover the truth.It would be like Arrow, Merlyn dugs Thea to kill Sarah.
The only flaw in this theory is why did Cheryl give herself up to the police.

In the episode, Cole Sprouts did a great job as Jughead, I like the character, and I like this live action portrayal of the character.It seems like he is going to help Archie and the others out to see what happened to Jason.

Overall, chapter two is a great episode which developed Jughead as a character more and opened up a tone of questions as to who murdered Jason.I will give this episode a 9 out of 10.Leave your thoughts on the episode down below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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