Season 2 Episode 12:

On Supergirl we get a story surrounding the Luthors, so let's jump  right into the review, and beware of spoilers from the episode

The episode starts with a flashback of a very young Lena Luthor being taken in by the Luthor family and she meets Lex and the two play some chess.

The episode is about Metallo being broken out of prison, and Lena is the number one suspect.Kara protects her and Lena goes to talk to her mother in prison.Lilli Luthor is in trial, and Metallo breaks her out and the two escape and kara tries to stop them.She chases them onto the street where Metallo takes down a crane which Supergirl saves and Metallo along with Lilli get away.The police come and arrest Lena and take her to prison and Kara tries to stop them.But Lena goes to prison.Back at Kat-co Kara's boss is putting Lena on the front cover on a story claiming she is guilty and she tries to stop him, James then has a debate with Kara that Lena might be guilty.
Kara then sees the girl Mon-El was going out with and she tells Kara that she is not dating Mon-El anymore because all he was talking about on their date was Kara.
With Lena in prison, Metallo tries to break her out but gets in a fight with the Guardian and James gets defeated.So Metallo breaks Lena out of prison.
James gets back to the DEO to get patched up and he tells everyone the Metallo's kryptonite seems off.James tells Kara that maybe Lena is guilty but she doesn't believe it.
Meanwhile, with Lena and Lilli, they are in the back of a van and they are traveling to one Lex's warehouses where there are a bunch of weapons including the green mech suit.Lilli draws attention to a box and says 'thank lex', and Cyborg Superman shows up a is in assistance to Lilli.

Wynn managed to find the original video of Lena stealing the Kryptonite heart, and the original video is of Cyborg Superman stealing the heart.Wynn manages to track down Cyborg Superman and he finds out that there is a lot of Kryptonite in the area which is unstable.But that doesn't stop Kara, she suits up as Supergirl and flies off.

Supergirl gets to the warehouse where the Luthors are.Supergirl faces off against Metallo.Lili and Cyborg Superman quickly leave and Supergirl is facing off Metallo who is about to blow.Martian Manhunter comes in and takes on Metallo and Kara saves Lena and Metallo explodes but everyone lives, including Lili and Cyborg Superman.

The episode ends with Lena's name being cleared and she thanks Kara for sending Supergirl to save her.But she picks up a knight chess piece and has a flashback to when she played chess and she was told by Lili that she will always be a Luthor.The final scene of the episode is of Kara and Mon-El about to kiss in Kara's apartment but then this blue wiz comes in Mr. Mxyzptlk appears and says "Kara Danvers, I love you."

The best end of the episode by far was of Mr. Mxyzptlk at the end.The character in the comics is a magic user, he isn't a hero but he isn't an anti-hero, but he always wants to get it on with the ladies, and the character is super crazy and weird.So I can't wait to see the character.

I also liked the scene where Lili tells Lena the truth about her parents, Lex's father had an affair with another woman and they had Lena.But when Lena's mother died she moved in with the other Luthor's.

The stand out character in the episode was of Katie McGrath as Lena Luthor.She was great in the episode, the acting was in point, her place in the plot was great, and the overall character arc in the episode fitted well.I really love Katie MGrath as Lena Luthor and I hope she doesnt turn into a villain, but that would make for a good story.

Overall this episode of Supergirl was great, I like where they took the Luthor family dynamic and I really enjoyed Lena Luthor.I will give this episode an 8.5 out fo 10.Leave your thoughts on the episode down in the comments below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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