Season 2 Episode 11:

In this episode of Supergirl, we get a Martian Manhunter and Miss Martian focused story, there were two story lines, so spoilers ahead for the episode and let's get into the recap.

The episode is about the White Martians coming to Earth to hunt down M'gann.John takes her to the DEO to protect her as she encountered her White Martian husband at the bar earlier.At the DEO John and Wynn are briefing M'gann, but then another M'gann walks down the stairs and everyone flips out.The M'gann with John was a White Martian is disguised and John goes to fight it and in the fight, there is a power outage and the White Martian goes missing, so John locks down the base until they can find the White Martian as it could be disguised as anyone.
John gets everyone to put their hand up to a fire to see if they are a White Martian because White Martian's will revert back to their regular form.Everyone does it and then it gets to Wynn and it is revealed that the White Martian is Wynn, so John and Kara take down the White Martian but it gets away and that White Martian starts overloading the reactor core which will explode and take down 10 city blocks with it.So John and M'gann go to find the real Wynn to shut the reactor down and Kara and Alex are out to find the White Martian.

Johna nd M'gann find Wynn in some upside down goop and they also find Alex.John warns Kara through the coms and he says that there are two Martians and Alex is one of them.Kara then questions Alex and then she reveals that she is a White Martian, and they have a throw down.
John gets Wynn to the main reactor room where Supergirl is taking down the White Martian.Wynn is decoding the reactor and John takes on the other White Martian, Megan comes in and helps John and it is Green martian's against a White Martian.The heroes manage to take the White Martians down and Wynn manages to decode the reactor and National City is saved.

In the episode, it was Kara's Earth birthday, 13 years since she came to Earth.She was going to celebrate with Alex but she was going to a concert with Maggie.But Alex went to go apologies to kara at the DEO and that's how Alex was trapped there.But by the end of the episode, Alex gave Kara a cupcake and everything was fine between them

At the end of the episode, M'gann tells John that she is going back to Mars to find more White Martians like her that don't want to be like the others and don't agree with what they are doing and she leaves.
The ending of the episode is of Kara going to fix things up with Mon-El but he has moved on from her.

The strongest parts of the episode were of the character relationships, mostly between Kara and Alex, and the other relationship of Johna nd M'gann.The characters were developed more and I liked seeing their motives on why they do the things that they do.I especially liked Kara telling White Martian Alex that she feels alone without Alex.Even the extra characters, like the two DEO agents who had their suspicions of each other, were developed at least a little bit.

But the strongest character of the episode for me was Sharon Leal as M'gann/Miss Martian, it is kind of sad hat she is being sidelined from the show for a little bit, but she definitely will return, whether that be for the season finale or next season.And I hope Miss Martian will have her hair, that is a complaint I have with the look of the character.

Overall, the episode was a solid episode showing is the story of Martian Manhunter and Miss Martian.The overall premise of the episode was great, I did wish that there were a couple more horror elements to the episode.But I will give the episode an 8.5 out of 10.Comment below your opinions on the episode.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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