Season 3 Episode 14:

On this episode of The Flash, we get the second part of this big event so spoilers for the episode, and just a side not in the recap I will call Earth-2 Harris on Wells, Harry, and I will call Earth-19 Harrison Wells, HR.

The episode starts off with HR dressing Star Labs in valentines decorations, Jesse tells Harry that she is moving to Earth-1 and he is cool with it.Gypsy vibes into and starts attacking Cisco and Barry.Harry takes her out and she is captured, Cisco questions her and she reveals that she blacked out and she was capturing a fugitive on Earth 2 but Grodd controlled her.Cisco asks Gypsy if she wants to help them fight but she does not and she leaves.

We then cut to Grodd and his army of Gorilla looking over Central City with his army of Gorillas and he telepathically shouts "Central City shall fall!"

Back at Star Labs Harrison Wells gets the idea to get Cisco to vibe the future where the Grodd attack might happen.Harry tampers wi the vibe tech and gets the help of Wally, and Harry reveals to Wally that he is dying.
Cisco gets his tech back and vibes the location of the attack.

Joe and the CCPD are at the location and Berry, Wally, and Jesse meets him there.Jesse thinks that they are at the place too early.Grodd telepathically controls Joe and he holds a gun to his head and he pulls the trigger but Barry manages to stop the bullet.Joe gets to Star Labs and gets stitched up a bit, the team realizes that Joe being controlled was a distraction.

We then cut to Grodd take down a military car and grab a military general.We then see the general walk into a nuclear weapons station with full clearance.

Back at Star Labs the team taps into Joe's brain to try see what he saw when he was being mind controlled.Joe does a drawing and Caitlin, Cisco, and HR run some facial test and they find out that the drawing is of General McNally, who has military codes.The team then gets and alert that the nukes are ready to launch and are heading for central city.Barry runs out to stop them manually putting in every five digit code he can, he manages to get the code correct and central city is saved from annihilation.

Back at Star Labs Barry knows that Grodd is going to attack, so Cisco vibes to Earth-19 where Gypsy is talking to Earth-19 Flash, the accelerator man and she tells him that she caught the fugitive on Earth-2.Cisco talks to gypsy and she agrees to help Cisco fight off Grodd.

Grodd and his army of Gorillas are coming in for Central City, Barry, Wally, and Jesse are ready to fight and they do.They get their asses handed to them quickly.But then Cisco and Gypsy come in and bring along Solovar who fights Grodd.After fighting on rooftops Solovar defeats Grodd and Barry talks Solovar out from killing Grodd, and in return they will not let Grodd go back to Earth-2.
Solovar and the other Gorillas go back to Earth-2 in peace and the attack on Central City is prevented.

At Star Labs Barry tells the team he called Lyla and she put Grodd I an Argus prison.Gypsy kisses Cisco and goes back to Earth-19, and Harry goes back to Earth-2.
At Barry's apartment, Iris gets home and Barty proposes to her.

The episode ends with Wally and Jesse at home and Wally goes out to get some Big Belly Burger and while he is ruining he sees Savitar.

So biggest scene in the episode was the end of Wally seeing Savitar.So the biggest question is how Savitar came back, he could have come from the future possibly where someone eventually lets him free but he comes back in time.But one of the most suspicious things in the episode was Jesse at the end kind of smirking, was she in of letting Savitar come back? that would be a solid twist but I really don't want to see Jesse go down on that path.
My second favorite scene in the episode was that glimpse of the Accelerator Man, the Flash of Earth-19, I thought he would have a bigger role in the episode, but it was great seeing him, and I hope he comes back for future episodes.
I also did enjoy the end fight of Grodd and Solovar going at it, the CG look d better in this episode and it was cool seeing Solovar team up with team Flash.

The stand out character of the episode for me was Violet Beane as Jesse Quick.I really enjoy the character come on the show and I can't wait to see her state on the show for the rest of the season, and I am really wondering if she is part of the Savitar twist.
I also like Tom Cavanagh as both Harry and HR, Harry in this episode came off as  real douche in he begging, him spitting in HR's coffee and all, but towards the end of the episode he got some more sympathy with the reveal that he might die soon.
 David Soblov as Grodd was great, I really like to voice acting of Grodd and Solovar played by Keith David

Overall this episode of the Flash was great, the attack on Central city was avoided but he episode was still entertaining, the twist at the end, comment below what you think might be up with that.I will give this episode an 8.5 out of 10.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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