Season 3 Episode 13:

So the first part of the two-part episode, Attack on Gorilla city is here, and it is awesome, spoilers ahead for the episode, so go watch it, you will enjoy it.

In the episode, Jesse Quick comes from Earth2, and she tells team Flash that her father, Harrison Wells is missing in action after he went to go explore the city of gorillas, Barry then realizes that this might link up to the attack on Central City by the gorillas in the future.
So Barry asks Julian to cover for him to work and he tells him that he is going to the city of the apes.Barry, Caitlin, Cisco, suit up and Julian tags along all going to Earth-2 where they are in a jungle in Africa searching for Gorilla City.

But Grodd uses sleeping darts at the team and the 4 get captured and put in prison cells and Barry and Cisco's powers are dampened in the cells.Grodd uses Harry to speak through to team Flash, and he tells them. that there is another the king of Gorilla City Solovar, who wants to eradicate Humans.
Grodd wants to get to Earth-1 to kill all humans.Grodd captured Barry and the others to warn them, and he says that they have to face Solovar in the battle arena, in a fight to the death, so Grodd can be king of Gorilla City and will not attack the humans on his home, Earth-1.Solovar comes in the chamber of cells and slaps Grodd for not letting him know that there were more humans, Barry challenges Solovar to a fight, and Solovar accepts.

In the arena, Barry is suited up with his powers, Cisco is on a com.The battle starts and Solovar kick Barry's ass.Barry gets up and tries to punch Solovar, but that fails.Barry then runs around the arena create a storm, he gets ready to throw some lightning, but Solovar manages to use his staff to make a ripple and it knocks Barry of course.Julian mentions something about a reversal of fortune, stop Cisco tells Barry on the coms to pull a reverse flash, so Barry pulls out his hand, vibrates it and Solovar jumps at Barry, and he sticks his hand on his chest knocking Solovar down, not killing him.

Barry then gives the Gorilla watching a message "He did not kill their leader because humans do not want war, but peace."Grodd then shoots a sleeping dart at Barry and he falls unconscious.Back in the cells, Harry is awake and Grodd tells team Flash that he double crossed them and that Solovar did not want war with humanity but Grodd did, and now he wants Cisco to open a breach to Earth-1.So the team tries to come up with a plan, Cisco suggests killing himself, and Caitlin doing it.but the team does come up with a plan.Grodd comes in the cell and Barry is all blued out and Caitlin says that he died.Grodd tosses him out of the cell into a pile of skeletons.Barry then wakes up and he gets his friends out of the cell and he runs them out of Gorilla City.Grodd is about to catch them but Cisco manages to create a breach and everyone goes back to Earth-1 in time.Grodd then gets toi the spot where team Flash was and he roars.

In the episode, Wally and Jesse stopped a robbery, and they were having some relationship problems.
HR talked to Jesse and gave her some advice.So by the end of the episode when everyone is back, Jesse tells Wally that she is staying on Earth-1.Also by the end of the episode,, Caitlin tells Julian that he should be afraid of her, but Jullian talks some sense into her and the two go to dinner.Barry is at home and he is happy that he is on a path to changing the future as they stopped the gorilla attack on Central City.

The final scene in the episode was of Grodd asking Gypsy to take him and his army to Eartgh-1, and then we pan out and see the army of Gorillas, and it is much more than 300.

The best part of the episode was the reveal of how Grodd will get to Earth-1 that being through Gypsy.I was wondering on why she was featured in the previously bit.And the army that is coming to Earth-1 that calls for a crossover, team Flash needs to call Supergirl, okay, when you have an army of super gorillas attacking your city, you need Supergirl, team Arrow, and the legends, heck you even need Hawkman and Hawkgirl.This attack would call for everyone.But I guess 3 speedsters, a viber, and a cold powered person can stop the attack.
I also really liked the gladiator fight, and times the arena looked a little off, but for the most part, it looked pretty solid.And to slow mot shots looked so great.

Grant Gustin as the Flash was great in the episode, I really liked how he handled all the problems in the episode.And I also really liked Keith David as the voice of Solovar, it was so awesome, and menacing, as well as David Soblov as Grodd, I really like the voice of Grodd.
I also can't wait to have Violet Beane on the show for the rest of the season, I rally loved her last season and I hope she kicks ass with the rest of the Flash family.

Overall the episode was so amazing, I really enjoyed Jesse Quick back on the show, and the story was great.The visual effects used in the episode for Gorilla city was great, and the acting of everyone was as always spectacular.I can't wait for next week's episode, which really would require a crossover.But I will give this episode a 9 out of 10.Comment below your thoughts on the episode.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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