Season 3 Episode 12:

So the Flash this episode we got a new Meta, so spoilers for the episode ahead, let's recap the episode.

The episode starts with Barry and Wally having a race, and barry wins with the power of phasing which Wally can't do yet, so Barry is teaching him.flashpoint.Caitlin and Julian do an autopsy and find the identity of the new meta, who named Yorkin.Julian sends a picture to Barry who is at the coffee shop with Iris, Wally, Joe, Cecile and her daughter, and then walks Yorkin in and Wally manages to take him down but manages to escape.
Meanwhile, there is this new meta-human around who has been killing people with his power of disintegrating people, one of the murders was done at Luigi's which in the future is going to reopen after a murder, and Barry recognizes the guy who was murdered being a cop in
Back at star Labs Joe is going to go check up on Cecile and her daughter, but Iris stops him and tells him that he could die, but Joe doesn't stress because Wally and barry will have his back,. but then Iris tells Joe about the future where she gets murdered by Savitar, and Joe freaks out, he blames Barry for not telling him, as Barry knows how much he means to her.

Later on, Iris goes to her apartment and Yorkin walks in, Iris manages to send a distress signal and Wally comes to save her, but Yorkin just touched her and Wally takes her to Star Labs.The team finds no cure for Iris, the ash virus is running through her veins, so Cisco tells Caitlin to use her powers to stop the virus from running for the time being.Julian test the blood of Yorkin from Iris and he finds out that his powers can be neutralized from a speedsters blood.Caitlin is still using her powers but she slips into Forst mode for a bit, but Julian talks her out.

Cisco and HR come up with a plan to find out who else Yorkin may be targeting, so Cisco vibes up a planet in the multiverse where Barry never changed Flashpoint.Cisco finds the name of one of the officers that arrested Yorkin, and her last name is, Stone.

Joe finds Stone at a train station where Stone is undercover on a case, Joe tells her that she is being targetted, they then get on a train and talk.down the railroad, Yorkin is standing and he starts to run a cement structure into ash and it crumbles on the track, he then starts crumbling all the land around the train starts crumbling.Joe sends a distress signal and barry and Wally run to the train.Barry figures out a plan to stop the train from crashing into the rubble, so Barry gets on the train and he vibrates the train along with him, and the train phases through the destruction Yorkin created and Barry saves the day.
Barry tells Wally that he has to use his blood and phase through Yorkin to stop his powers.Wally doesn't have faith in himself, but Barry tells him that he did something he never thought he could do, so Wally cuts himself and phases through Yorkin and Yorkin's powers are neutralized.

Back at Star Labs Julian and Caitlin managed to create a cure for Iris.Joe asks barry f Iris is the one who died in Savitar's prophecy and Barry says yes.Barry and Iris go back to their apartment, Julian and Caitlin go out for a drink and Joe says bye to Cecile and her daughter who are going away.
The episode ends with Wally using his phasing powers at ease, but then a wormhole opens up and out comes Jess Quick in her Flash suit, and she tells Wally that she needs the help fo team Flash, and Grood took her dad to Grood city!

Ok, so my favorite scene of the episode was the ending.I love Violet Beane as Jesse Quick but I a so hyped for the Grood City episodes.It's going to be a two-part episode, apparently, the Earth-19 Flash is going appear.I am so excited for the episode.In that scene you could just see Wally's face, he just wanted to show off his powers to Jesse.

The stand out character of the episode was Jesse L. Martin as Joe West.I liked seeing his reaction to Iris dying in the future the most, but it seems like he is going to do as much as he can to prevent Iris from dying, but he has an award to get from the town hall in the future.
I also did like Matthew Anderson as Yorkin n the episode, I like the characters powers and his motive.

Overall, untouchable is a great episode, the characters of Joe and Wally were expanded upon, the villain was great, the overall tone of the episode was on point, and the tease at the end is getting me hyped.I will give this episode a 9 out of 10.The Flash is on break next week but will return on the 21st.Feel free to leave your thoughts on the episode down below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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